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Hey all! My name is Jordan Maday and I am here to inundate you with as much Board Game and Tabletop RPG content as I can muster! I also love every Geekly ever, but I am hardly unique in this respect. I love getting to know and chatting with people so get in touch with me at @bystanderbill on Twitter.


You should be playing board games! Luckily I can help you meet this goal very very easily. I live and breathe board games; oh and my name is Jordan Maday, but that fact is secondary to the board games. Now there are still some people whose minds instantly fall on Monopoly or Sorry when they think about board games. While these games can be fun in the right times of life; there is so much more out there. Luckily I am here to recommend hundreds upon hundreds of hobby board games to you. I am here to be your guide I will always be here to play games with, and help choose dozens more to add to your collections. I adore board games, and even more so I adore introducing people to this incredibly rewarding hobby.

More importantly though I have partaken of and engaged with the GeeklyInc community for several years now, and I hope to allow you all to get to know me as well. Now I begin my life’s work, getting as many people to play as many games as possible, and what better way to do so than to recommend three of my favorite games guaranteed to provide hours of fun! If you love games as much as me you’ve probably heard of all these, and in that case this article can serve as a reminder to bring one of these games back to the table. Now that the introductions are out of the way let’s take a look!

Letters From Whitechapel

(Fantasy Flight Games)

First things first there is no gaming genre I enjoy more than hidden movement/deduction game. For those who aren’t familiar with the genre, they are generally games in which several players move around a board trying to find another player whose movements are obscured and whose only objective is to escape his pursuers.

The inspectors are hard at work searching for history’s greatest murderer.

In no game is this more distilled to its basest pulse pounding simplicity than in Letters From Whitechapel. A thematically engrossing game where one player takes on the murderous role as Jack the Ripper and up to five of his friends are set as police inspectors. These men and women of the law have the grim task of hunting Jack down through the grime soaked alleys of London’s Whitechapel District.

If you are looking for a brain burning game bereft of random elements; a game which is won by the keen of mind and the most cunning strategist, look no further than this gem of a game.

Mice and Mystics

(Plaid Hat Games)

Another gaming tradition I can’t help but fall in love with is the dungeon crawl. Starting my geeky tenure as a Tabletop RPG player I am always looking to the dungeon crawl as a bit of Methadone when missing D&D sessions. Of all the dungeon crawlers you will be hard pressed to find one bursting with so much personality or cuteness as one Mice and Mystics.

In this cooperative experience one to four players will take control of adorable little mice traveling around a castle attempting to quell the dark forces residing within. Outfitting themselves with a button or a thimble for defense these brave mice will put many a centipede or rat to the sword while avoiding Brodie, the dastardly feline resident of the castle.

Fans of the Redwall or Mouse Guard properties will instantly recognize this aesthetic and should be kicking themselves if they have somehow missed this game. Gather up some of your friends or even some young ones for this perfect little dungeon crawler that’s fun for the whole family.

Battlestar Galactica

(Fantasy Flight Games)

Now first things first, I have never seen a single frame of Battlestar Galactica. I can assure you that this game does not require foreknowledge of the series to enjoy, but I can only imagine it would help. Nonetheless this cooperative game has the honor of being the first hobby game I had ever played and I immediately fell in love.

All the ships humanity could muster

Now I believe this game has been covered here on GeeklyInc before but if you passed over it then you owe it to yourself to try this one out!

Three to six players will be tasks of crew members of the Battlestar Galactica doing their best to defend against the robotic threat of the Cylons and maintaining the ship’s food, morale, and other resources on the starships search for a planet to land on. This already difficult task is complicated further by the possibility and eventual certainty that several of the players will be traitorous Cylons disguised as humans. The job of these treasonous toasters is to make sure the Galactica’s mission fails by whatever means possible; be it subterfuge or all out attack.

This game can be a little more complex than my other recommendations, but if you are looking for a deep and challenging experience that will put friendships to the test; look no further than this blast of a game.

And those are a couple of my baseline recommendations. If you have never played or have simply neglected these titles, I heartily recommend you look into them. Look for to more recommendations and other board gaming and Tabletop RPG articles from yours truly coming soon! I am so delighted to provide content for such an incredible community and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. If you were interested in getting to know me however, my name again is Jordan Maday and I can be found at @bystanderbill on Twitter, and you can talk to me there whenever you like. I will also look to the comments for any and all questions. Lastly if you were interested in more information or purchasing options for Letters From Whitechapel, Mice and Mystics, or Battlestar Galactica you can follow the embedded links to find them. Thanks so much for reading and play board games!


  1. First of all thank you heartily for the recommendations, will definitely be giving these games a shot to hit the table. I like it that you are so passionate about hobby games and RPGs as it is sometimes very difficult to know which boardgame or tabletop game to run with the litany of options out there. Will let you know what I think as I will be hitting the table with these options shortly. Again thanks and I cant wait for your next recommendations.



  2. Great article! As Timothy Martin said I love that you are so passionate about hobby games. Its a breath of fresh air to read an article that feels so warm and genuine. I look forward to reading more of your articles in the future.

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