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Sailor Moon Crystal #5

By Christina Ladd on

A mysterious girl walks in the rain… An ordinary day, an ordinary stretch of Tokyo road. Usagi walks blithely to school, distracted by the rain and her exhaustion. She misses a traffic signal. She steps out into the street–and straight into the path of a speeding car! Just then, the mysterious girl hurls herself in …


Sailor Moon Crystal #4

By Christina Ladd on

This week, according to Luna, Mamoru is a Suspicious Character! Yes. Thank you. Somebody finally noticed. This week, everyone is in a tizzy because Princess D is coming to Tokyo to show off her “secret treasure.” Um. Princess D of the Kingdom of D sounds like the title of a Sailor Moon porno, but, uh, …


Sailor Moon Crystal #2 Review

By Christina Ladd on

In the original, Sailor Moon was, for a decent chunk of episodes, actually about Sailor Moon and only Sailor Moon as she went about fighting crime in her own unique way.¬† We spent quality time with Usagi, but they didn’t do a whole lot of character or plot development, since it was before Netflix made …

Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon Crystal #1 Review

By Christina Ladd on

by: Teia¬†Fanciullo Disclaimer: I was a 90’s kid in only the most temporal sense of the phrase. I missed out on most of the cultural touchstones–I’ve never seen an episode of 7th Heaven or Dawson’s Creek–and that includes missing out on the awesome girl power of Sailor Moon. Fortunately, Viz and the Internet have conspired …