Silence- Film Review

By David Embrey on

I have a small list of directors who will get me to see their movies regardless of how much or little I know about them. Through their existing body of work, they’ve told me that “Hey you don’t need to research the title or see a trailer, it’s me (Insert Director Name Here). I’ll take …


Assassin’s Creed Review

By David Embrey on

As an avid gamer and cinephile, it frustrates me to no end when I think about all of the failed attempts at bringing good video games stories to the silver screen.  And when I say “good” I mean actually good, as in financially successful, critically acclaimed, and stays true to its source material.  Most of …


Review: Arrival

By David Embrey on

In the last few years, with offerings like Ex Machina, Gravity, Live Die Repeat, Interstellar and, most recently, The Martian, sci-fi has slowly but surely broken away from its previous, mostly annual, role in cinema as one of the mindless and empty blockbuster movies you expect to see over summer. Granted, movies like that shitty …