Review- X-Men: Apocalypse

By Kieran Bennett on

It’s safe to say that, over the last few years, superhero films have seen something of a rise. That is of course easily one of the largest understatements I have ever made, or really that anyone has ever made. Some of these films are comic-book charged vehicles to place a not so subtle mirror against …


Review – Captain America: Civil War

By Kieran Bennett on

Marvel’s 2006 Civil War comic book storyline was, at the time, a critically divisive work and yet, a commercial success. Retrospectively, the whole thing comes across as kind of stupid. Civil War was an exciting, brutal, incoherent mess; an action story with not much heart, full of an enormous cast that seem to obey no …


DC Rebirth Rundown: Superman

By Kieran Bennett on

DC Comics is reinventing itself yet again, relaunching all its titles and bringing in some fresh creative teams. Last week we had a look at all the new Batman books that would be launching. Some were interesting, others less so. But what about Superman? DC’s oldest and possibly most recognizable property is also given the …