Geekly Get Fit: Dealing with Stress

By Matt Ortiz on

2016 was a roller coaster. There were ups and there were downs. Personally, my second daughter was born in April, but after that there were complications in the family due to my father in law’s serious long term illness. Within the Geekly community, we’ve had some ups and downs as well. I know a lot …


Geekly Get Fit: Movement Types

By Matt Ortiz on

What is your play style? Do you prefer slow methodical heavy-hitters that soak TONS of damage? Do you like the fast hit and run tactics that distract and keep moving? Prefer something middle of the road that has advantages of both? Exercising is the same. Some people prefer slow methods of working out and others …


Geekly Get Fit: Holiday Funk

By Matt Ortiz on

  For a lot of us right now you may be in a bit of a funk as the holidays are at their peak. There are family events, late nights, cold weather, warm beds and shopping. At least in the northern hemisphere it seems that everything is out to sabotage you getting to the gym …


Geekly Get Fit: Caffeine

By Matt Ortiz on

I love coffee. It’s warm, intense, flavorful and, most importantly, has caffeine! It’s getting to the point that I like to grind my own beans and make specialty coffees on the weekend. Between my french press, moka pot, and Vietnamese phin filter, it’s hard to choose sometimes. However, I didn’t always like coffee. I mainly …


Geekly Get Fit: Workout Tech

By Matt Ortiz on

One of the things I have been getting a bit nerdy about lately is smartwatches. Despite not using my current watch very much beyond sitting on my wrist slowly ticking time away, I like having the option to use it during a workout. During my training in Tae Kwon Do, our instructor highly recommended that we …


Geekly Get Fit: Getting Started

By Matt Ortiz on

Okay, so we’ve got our motivation going.  Maybe you’ve done some research of your own in the past, looking into which workout system you’re going to choose. There are celebrity guides, sports guides, geeky guides, and even ones that say “just 15 minutes a day and you can lose 90 pounds”!   Well, at least …


Geekly Get Fit: Motivation

By Matt Ortiz on

I have a hard time motivating myself to do things sometimes. Take out the trash, clean the dishes, fold the laundry, go grocery shopping….working out. There always seems to be something in the way. One day, traffic really sucked and drained my energy. Another day, my toddler was acting up while our 8 month old …