Cast of Thrones Season 4 Episode 5: First of His Name

By Nick Bristow on

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In a very “this didn’t happen in the books” episode of Game of Thrones some wonderful bits of information was shared about the world of Westeros. Well, namely the answer to “Who killed Jon Arryn?” was answered, but it is such a bombshell that it is sure to cause many a watcher to spit their Arbor Gold 3 feet out of their mouths. We of course get to delve into the fun added scene north of the Wall which is a special treat since it all new for the TV show. Nice change of pace, if I say so myself.

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  1. Love you guys but you really need to work on volume consistency. There were parts where I literally could not hear Jennifer.

  2. Seriously love you guys and appreciate everything you do. But I also must say that a little volume equalization wouldn’t hurt and it would take like, at most five minutes.

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