Time to go Super Saiyan with “Dragon Ball Xenoverse”

By Nika Howard on

Grab your dragon balls and start powering up because on February 5th, Dragon Ball Xenoverse is coming to a console near you. The premise of Xenoverse is time travel. You get to travel through time with Trunks and make sure the world isn’t destroyed. Your character is completely customized in that you can choose different races, …

TellTale Games: Game of Thrones Coming Soon

By Nika Howard on

Hot off the success of TellTale Game’s The Walking Dead  and the upcoming release of  Tales from the Borderlands, it was recently confirmed that there will be a Game of Thrones series coming to the TellTale family of games. It is set to follow House Forrester who are working to keep the house from falling. The game is to …

This is Your Reminder That Dragon Age Inquisition Hits Next Week

By Nika Howard on

Anyone who is a fan of  Dragon Age has been keeping a watchful eye out for the newest release of the series, which is slated to come out on November 18th. Dragon Age Inquisition is continuing in the previous games footsteps by immersing the player into a beautifully rendered world which introduces you to not only dragons …

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