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Transformation Sequence – Episode 59: Revolutionary Girl Utena (Part 2)

By Vincent on

We wrap up our Revolutionary Girl Utena break-down with period talk, sex metaphors, and Jennifer Cheek of the Drunks and Dragons Podcast! Go find us on social media! We want to hear from you! Follow the official account on Twitter (@sequencepod). You can also find us on Twitter: Vince (@vincekenny), Kym (@kymcattys), and Ben (@benstonick). Special …

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Please Welcome Transformation Sequence to the GeeklyInc Family

By Tim Lanning on

Put down that K-ON love pillow, and prepare yourselves: Transformation Sequence is joining the GeeklyInc Podcast Network! Transformation Sequence watches and reviews all kinds of anime, from action and comedy to the magical girl genre, all while having Nietzschean discussions on morality and making as many butt jokes as humanly possible. It’s also super accessible …