Cthulhu & Friends Season 4 Episode 20: Keep it Together

By Cthulhu & Friends on

Finding the right travel partner can be difficult, but having that choice made for you doesn’t make anything easier. Our investigators know they need to get to New Orleans to save this mysterious woman, but how will they get there?? We have all new Patreon rewards! Support the show! Keep us free! Click here for …

The Duchess Gaming Table

By Michael Buh on

A lot of you are probably aware of the market for furniture made specifically for gaming. Companies like Geek Chic have made their name by offering products are meant to enhance your gaming experience. If you’ve ever wandered through convention halls, you’ve probably seen their booth. Then you see the price tag. Even the simplest …


Magic Gatherings #35: Sizing and Archetypes in Shadows over Innistrad

By Harry Huberty on

Welcome back to Magic Gatherings! Last week we talked about the major mechanics of Shadows over Innistrad, the hot new set on the block. This week we’re talking about sizing and archetypes. As I write, Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad is happening in Madrid, so if you crave more SoI limited action, you could hardly do worse than to watch …