Just saying hello

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Just saying hello

Postby Wormwood » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:28 pm

Hello from the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area.

I found Drunks & Dragons when browsing podcast on Spotify after recently rekindling my love for D&D. I'm all caught up on the show after listening to it everyday while I'm at work and sometime watching episodes on Twitch (even though I never get to catch it live as I always have other stuff to do at that time).

After 30 years away from the game a long time friend and life long player of all games finally pulled me back in. We've played a few games of D&D and have just recently started a Pathfinder game where I play an Unchained Summoner. The character is a challenge to play as I'm pretty noobish but I've created a great personality for him and his Eidolon that make him great fun to RP. I would love to pick the brain of anyone who has played one of these BTW.

Other interest/games:
EVE Online
recovering WoW addict
Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderson books.

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