Obligatory new guy post

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Obligatory new guy post

Postby DukePorkSword » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:40 am

Hey everyone! Glad to be here! I'm Jacob, a mailman who binges drunks and dragons while walking my 7 route! Currently on episode 205 or something. I play DND 5e and wow (For the Horde!). I have a cute boxer pupperino and just bought my first house about a year ago! Can't wait to meet everyone! If the community is half as good as the crew say it is this is going to be great.

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Re: Obligatory new guy post

Postby ralf.tiede » Wed Sep 12, 2018 3:12 pm

Hi Jacob! Hi everyone too.

I'm Ralf, also a new member. Been listening since late 2017, currently on episode 192. Hope I can catch up by the time next Geeklycon comes around!

I'm a public school teacher in Pasadena, CA (LA area). My family consists of a beautiful and amazing human wife 3 kids: 2 feline and one canine. XD

Like many here, I was inspired to start DMing again after listening to Michael. Currently trying to put together a Star Wars RPG group, we'll see how that goes.

Can't wait to meet all you guys at next Geeklycon, wherever that ends up being!

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