I live in Cbus and I’m new here!

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I live in Cbus and I’m new here!

Postby Emilyaltair » Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:45 am

Hi! I’m relatively new to the geekly community but I live in Columbus and am planning on going to Geekly Con this summer! I’m Emily! I live downtown (about 5-10 minutes to where the con will be!) and I don’t have any friends in the Geekly community. I’ve only discovered it in the past few months and haven’t been able to catch any livestreams since I’ve caught up on the podcasts.

I don’t really know what I’m doing here I just thought I’d introduce myself Incase other people were looking for new friends in Columbus or out of town or if you need a place to stay!

I’ve currently listened to Yer a Wizard Harry, Drunks and Dragons, Random Encounters, & The Hosts Westworld. Besides that and a lot of other political and true crime podcasts I do jewelry repair and photography for work and play a lot of video games. I just started my first D&D campaign and I used to go to Harry Potter conventions. I have a lot of other interests I just didn’t want to go on forever!

My instagram is emilyaltair (prepare for my photos of half naked girls) and Twitter is justfrazzled

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