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Mouse Guard RPG!

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:04 am
by Shiny Vulpix
Mouse Guard RPG
Now in its second edition Mouse Guard the RPG is a game about playing noble members of the mouse guard, a sort of Boy Scout/National Guard/Knight's Watch that protects the hidden cities of mouse kind from the dangerous weasel empire and larger predators. You play as these trustworthy and morally just mice doing missions for the guard like making supply runs, defending settlements from predators, or engaging in political disputes.

How it's played: Each player makes a unique mouse with a slew of skills contacts and background information before you are put together into a "unit" and given assignments. you roll a pool of six sided die where a 4+ is considered a success and you need to hit a target number, but failing isn't a bad thing as you need to fail at a skill several times in order to actually improve it, you can even invoke traits your character has to make it harder for you to pass (such as a larger mouse having trouble hiding from an owl) you also have goals, beliefs, and instincts that all work within the mechanics to provide benefits and penalties.

Does anyone here have much knowledge of this tabletop? It appeals to me greatly, and I'd really be interested in starting a group! Here's a pdf of the character sheet if you want to gander: ... -Sheet.pdf

I don't have the guide, but I really want to give this a try!