UK Geeklies? - DM looking to join a game as a player

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UK Geeklies? - DM looking to join a game as a player

Postby mediadavid » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:46 pm

Hi guys!

I've recently got into Dungeons and Dragons - like a lot of people on this site I suspect, directly because of Drunks and Dragons. Last summerish I started DMing a group of my colleagues, playing through LMoP and then into my own campaign. Its been good (and made me appreciate just how much work Thifty puts into things!).

But I'd really like to have a go of DnD as a player, especially in recent weeks I've been thinking a lot about a character I'd like to play. There is a Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Guild in a town reasonably near by, but it's on the same night as me and my colleagues do our own game.

Are there any UK based* geeklies looking for a new player or wanting to start a new game? I promise to use my DM knowledge for good (uphold the implicit bargain to go where the DM seems to be directing, try not to break the DM's story, be a constructive player, not be a dick, and definitely not be a backseat DM - not that I could, my knowledge of the rules is still pretty shaky...)


*Obviously with the internet people don't need to be UK based, but GMT friendly timing would be good.(NB I have never played DnD over the net)

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