LFG for D&D, rusty but missing playing!

Either in person or online

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LFG for D&D, rusty but missing playing!

Postby Emraevans » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:16 pm

Just like the title says. LFG for drinking and gaming. Probably online only unless someone is in central/west Mississippi (doubt it!). Central time zone, no earlier than 8pm. Any weekday but Tuesday. Would prefer a format where I can see the people I'm playing with because the ADD kicks in if I don't have anything to look at. I've played Pathfinder and some space game, and been a while, but I've been listening to Drunks and Dragons, Random Encounters, The Adventure Zone, and now Cthulu and Friends and I'm dying to get into something again now that I know just where a game can go.
I come armed with the 5th Ed and Pathfinder Player Handbooks!

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