Weird headcanon ideas

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Weird headcanon ideas

Postby StmpnkPlgDr » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:45 am

So, I Just restarted the series after listening to the Podcast of Anhialation episode. In episode one, while Aludra is a Druid Jennifer talks very enthusiastically about how she can summon a frog.

This led me to a dark place where Aludra is Naruro summoning Bripbrap like the toad summons to fight for her. And now all I can think is that Bripbrap is her summon, but she summoned him right before losing her memories, and be cause she changed roles before getting them back Bripbrap is now stuck in Drunkeros forever...

So now that that horror is out there forever, does anyone else have any weird headcanon ideas to share?

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