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Gerry Vidalis (like Jerry)

Postby Gerry-v-(like jerry) » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:08 am

Love the show it has inspired me to finally try out a game of d&d it has been amazing. I created a character based out of thom the dragonborns story as a goof I too am a dragonborn the bastard son of thom who had no idea of my existence after having his way with a bar wench using a bucket and fish I was born. Not to go into detail it was a nasty scene. I was born with no tail but heard of my father's so I stole one off of a lizard man and turned it into a belt tail to be like him. now I venture the realm in hopes of one day finding my father or living up to the Vidalis name. I have found a weird little man frozen under a sheet of ice in a cave that I was lead to by some travelers who heard of a group traveling through the land could it be your group FATHER!!!! Alot more backstory to go but I won't get into it now keep up the great work OK BYE!!!!!! sly curtain drop !!!!!

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