The S-Quest!

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The S-Quest!

Postby Sugarbolt » Sun Jun 05, 2016 12:16 am

Hey all! Another big DnD fan, inspired to play for the first time (and DM for the first time) with my group of friends: The S-Crew! I decided to start a small public log of our antics, just to return some of the fun Geekly has given me. We had originally intended to record our sessions, but technology is a fickle bitch, so what can ya do?

Anywho, here's our starting cast...

Atlus Gilgamesh (Elven Monk) - A alchemist-in-training, obsessed with pursuing mysteries, he is a prominent student at the Monastic College of Valhalla. He has in his posession a letter from his dead colleague, Sif Tefnut, which he has yet to open. He is determined to learn the nature of her studies on his own steam.

Taxi Kabbu (Gnomish Rogue) - Reserved yet impulsive, this gnome of indeterminate age has made her meager living off the streets by snooping for the law. Her only possession is a mysterious, unfinished book she found in the trash, detailing the tale of a generic 'great hero'. Accompanied by her pet mouse, Bolt, she hopes to discover the whereabouts of her parents, who one day just up and vanished.

Goro Shiftingham (Human Cleric) - Born as lazy as they come, Goro was cast out from his temple of Helm so that he might prove himself. Before he can return, he must track down a unique relic of their wavering religion - a task he might have an easier time with, if Helm weren't competing with the ressurgance of belief in Lathander throughout the kingdom. With the stress of competing religions, he still hasn't noticed the bizarrely grim, painted eggshell in his belongings...

Nalista Browward (Tiefling Fighter) - Step-daughter to an uber-rich human noble, Nalista has spent much of her life hidden away in private. When seen in public, she wears a veil to conceal her demonic features. Despite her step-father's misgivings, and her mother's broken mind, she is faithful towards her human family. However, she still longs to learn the truth behind her parentage.

None of us have played before this, so we're all pretty much winging it! (More to come!)

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Re: The S-Quest!

Postby Sugarbolt » Mon Jun 20, 2016 4:15 am

WELL, life suddenly became even busier than expected, so I've decided to boil our sessions down to the best, most important, and most amusing bits. HERE GOES:

Session One: Browward Manor
- Goro fails numerous checks and embarrasses himself at a banquet. He then rolls for sadness. He is very sad. We now roll for Goro's sadness on a regular basis.
- Nalista, as her very first character action, abandons all lordly poise and screams into a pillow.
- Taxi spends most of the session hiding in the vents. Hard to blame her; she's there to observe the banquet. Still, I do my damndest to drag her out of there.
- Atlus spends much of the banquet examining art for illuminati-type clues, and following any loosely-defined mystery within earshot.
- A grinning man in a tux develops (through me) an outrageous Australian accent.
- Nalista's little brother pesters her to escort him to the potty. The NICE potty. His nannies can't do it because they're all getting drunk.
- The tux man gives a heavily-drinking dwarf a poisoned drink. When he eventually keels over, Goro fails utterly at alarming anyone. This is largely because he's asking the drunk nannies for help.
- Goro accidentally befriends a gigantic, hulking drunk man, who continuously pulls small drinks out of mallet space.
- Taxi's mouse friend freaks out due to close proximity of a dead rat (alchemy ingredient in Atlus' inventory). She then chases it throughout the party, eventually plucking him off of a snack tray.
- Goro finally has enough and, utilizing Thaumaturgy, alarms the entire banquet at once about the dead dwarf. It quite ruined the mood.
- When Atlus accosts the Tux man, who was attempting to blackmail Nalista, the very large, very drunk man becomes furious. He is this man's bodyguard. He immediately begins storming across the banquet hall, toppling nobles and crushing tables. This man earns the name... Drunkernaut.
- As a means of distraction, Tux summons a Huge demon to crash through the ceiling. Chaos ensues, hooray.


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Re: The S-Quest!

Postby Sugarbolt » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:07 pm

GRAH, finally have another minute!

Sessions 2 & 3:
- Atlus approaches the smiling Tux man and gets shot point-blank in the shoulder with a crossbow, nearly killing him.
- With several failed rolls, Nalista gets Atlus taken hostage along with her.
- The Drunkernaut ends up being a total non-threat as Goro continues to befriend him, and Goro is just... invited to tag along? After killing one of his associates with fire? He drunk.
- (By the by, before I forget, this enflamed enemy wore a full-body cloak made of shadows, which could morph in shape. It sprouted an arm and engulfed Goro for a while. This detail will be relevant later.)
- Atlus attempts to heal himself using loosely-defined alchemy on houseplants.
- When authorities arrive and Tux takes off alone, Drunkernaut (known by now as Dodd) summons another demon with a contract-scroll. This is their shtick.
- Goro and Atlus are blocked by Dodd and this fish-demon thing, but Nalista blows past, and Taxi sneaks by (having still not even met the other player characters yet).
- The boys try and fail to defeat the fish demon (btw, it's literally a big fish on two human legs). Atlus gets knocked out, and his body is given the 'kill-shake'. Some of us needed a breather at this point.
- Tux casts a sphere of darkness to aid his escape, but the girls run straight through it. Early DM mistake.
- Tux closes a door behind him, and Nalista uses Thaumaturgy to open it again. It smacks him on the rump just as Taxi fires a hail-mary shot through the open doorway.
- Nalista catches Tux at the top of a staircase, tripping him up with her whip, knocking him out and dangling him over the banister. There is much rejoicing.
- The authorities make the fish demon explode, and the leader asks for a "real" Cleric, specifically ignoring Goro. Goro rolls for sadness, and is sad.
- Taxi, on the way out, yoinks a white mask from the floor. It was originally worn by the dude Goro set on fire. This detail isn't important just yet, but stay tuned.
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Re: The S-Quest!

Postby Sugarbolt » Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:40 pm

Sessions 4 & 5: Fort Break
- The players are "escorted" to the fort of the local ruler, Duchess LaChance, where they at last introduce themselves to one another, and their enemies are taken into custody.
- Big Dodd is feeling sour towards Goro, and Tux, as it turns out, is a Drow wearing a magic-ass face-mask-face. For his constant grinning and ultra-dark skin, his criminal alias is "Bluetooth".
- Taxi is admonished by the copper who hired her to snoop, but Nalista convinces him to double her pay... to TWO gold.
- Atlus and Goro nerd out over Taxi's mysterious book. The cover is in primordial, which they for some reason BOTH know??? The book itself is a pretty generic fantasy tale, with its ending unwritten. Taxi found this book in the trash.
- Atlus openly has it out with a member of the Hunters of Apollo (the group that stopped the demon nonsense). This elf woman, Zisa, reveals the truth about Atlus - he is in fact only well-known at the college he attends because he exploded a portion of the campus.
- Goro witnesses "evidence" from the banquet being carted in, and nearly has an aneurysm when he realizes it's not only a relic of Helm, but a flail. Goro REALLY wants a flail, you guys. (He even gave up the human's natural skill bonus so he could be proficient in it - a weapon he does not yet own.)
- Inside, the group is briefly accosted by the "idiot son" of the Duchess (as she frequently refers to him). He attempts to crudely summarize them all, but falls short when all he can think of for Atlus is "... nerd."
- Duchess LaChance is a gruff military woman. She wastes no time in detailing what's about to happen: The four players are going to head EAST, towards THE BLACK HOLLOW. This is a big deal, as the Black Hollow is a stony wasteland, pocked with craters, and as a result is inhabited by Drow and other Underdark ghoulies. In the Black Hollow, they will foster a treaty with the Drow there; something the Duchess might catch trouble for doing herself.
- If the gang doesn't agree to go, or if they merely lie, they will be hunted down and killed.
- They agree.
- The Duchess, thinking Taxi is a small child, gives her candy.
- Outside, Zisa hands Nalista a letter from the late Shawn Shortshank. It turns out he was a Hunter of Apollo as well, and had penned an invite for Nalista to join. This is odd to her, as she had lived a very sheltered life until now, and Hunters of Apollo famously hunt demons.
- After arguing with Zisa some more, Atlus finally examines what he'd pocketed from Bluetooth. It's a shiny red egg! Taxi, failing a roll, now believes wholeheartedly that Atlus himself laid this egg.
- Just down the hill, the gang is attacked by two more transforming-shadow-cloak mask-people (near identical to the dude Goro set on fire at the Banquet, but they transform into different shapes). These men also attack a half-elf girl - a cleric who the gang briefly met inside the fort. The two baddies are downed, and their masks clatter to the floor.
- The cleric girl (to this day unnamed) warns the gang not to hold on to the masks. They belong to Shadow Merchants (magic assassins in this world), and Shadow Merchants can track their masks.
- After discussing this warning and what their options are, the gang just sort of... forgets about it, and holds onto the masks anyway.
- The cleric girl, after awkwardly flirting with Atlus, calls Goro ugly. Goro rolls for sadness.

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