Your D&D experience?

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What best describes you?

I have played D&D for over a decade.
I have played D&D for a few years.
I have recently gotten into D&D.
I have never played D&D, but I plan to soon.
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I have never played D&D.
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Revenant Sorrow
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby Revenant Sorrow » Wed May 29, 2013 7:59 pm

Been playing D&D since 3.0. I've played D&D 3.5, D&D 4e and D&D next. 4e is currently my favorite. Other RPG's I've played include BattleTech, Starwars D20, Starwars Sagas, gundam RPG and Warhammer RPG. Although Gunfam a Warhammer were both home brew games they were awesome none the less.
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Taunted Kibble
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby Taunted Kibble » Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:20 am

I can't say any of those would be my choices but like some others i started with the red and blue boxes and AD&D in 82 or 83. Played pretty reliably with the same group until 2003-ish, 3rd edition had just come out and we tried that but shortly afterwards the group broke up, people moved away and life sucked.

This podcast really makes me miss the group and getting together every weekend for D&D (or Shadowrun, Marvel Superheroes or whatever).

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Thom the Dragonborn, Jr.
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby Thom the Dragonborn, Jr. » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:30 am

I always wanted to play D&D but didn't know how to bring the topic up with my Christian school friends.[/quote]

Are you me?

Seriously though, I've always been interested in D&D but A) was too broke to buy any of the books and B) had absolutely no chance of finding anyone to play with, so I've just kind of been watching from the sidelines for quite a few years.  I guess this podcast is my way of living vicariously through Thrifty, Tim, Mike, and Jennifer.  Hopefully one day I'll get the chance to play for real!
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby Kata » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:51 am

I had never played D&D, and as geeky as I am, never really cared to try. But this year a good friend of mine across the country was going through some very hard times, and didn't have many friends where he was. He tentatively asked if I would be interested in playing D&D via Google hangout because he had heard your podcast and realized that it could be done. I agreed, never having anything against D&D, but when he sent me your podcast to try out, I fell in love. It was SO funny and SO entertaining, how have I not jumped on board sooner? I then started bringing it up to a couple more of my friends, some of which were luke warm about the idea until I pushed your podcast their way. Immediate 180. In fact a friend who was being SUPER judgey about the fact that we were playing D&D, finally listened to your podcast, and now he can't stop talking about it (and has shown signs of jealousy that he's not playing with us.) Thanks for making D&D so damn appealing and fun!

And thanks for the shout-out on Random Encounters :D Made my week! I'm Kat aka Dijani the Racist Dragonborn ;)

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Rowan the Human
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby Rowan the Human » Mon Aug 19, 2013 12:08 am

Wooo! Up top to my home-girl Kata.  ^^  I'm the 'friend going through a hard time' in her story.  I've wanted to play for years, but never had a group to run with.  Enter Kata here.  I floated the podcast to her as something she might like, with the idea of us getting a group together with her husband.  Apparently the podcast made its way around her office like a virus and started a shit-storm of DnD fever. The rest is history. 

Favorite memory so far...  Well they've all been pretty awesome, but the best was the (literally all night) drunken bar fight three of our characters got into after our main session was done for the night.  One of the player characters took over DM'ing and the rest of the night was basically 'Animal House' in DnD form.   

Along with Kata, thanks for the shout out you guys!  I'm Chris aka 'Dante' (though the character's name got changed to Rowan :P )
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby brainsurgery101 » Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:50 pm

The first time I got play was actually with 4th edition.  I had just moved out of a small town (in the middle of the woods really) into the big city of Dallas, and found a manager who showed me the brilliance of DND.  My first game I was playing a Tiefling who couldn't stand undead.  I freaked out all my new friends by hobbling a vampire we had taken hostage over and over again.

AoD Industries
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby AoD Industries » Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:09 am

I started playing with a 3.0 starter set many years ago.  I was, of course, immediately hooked and tried to find anyone who would play.  I eventually suckered a few friends into playing and I've been on and off ever since.

Sadly, I have never been a player.  Nobody in the groups I started was ever interested in being DM.  However, I've always been proud that every time I've had to move on one of my players has always stepped up for the group.  One of my replacements even told me I made DM'ing seem fun.  (I blame drugs.)

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The Zinga
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Re: Your D&D experience?

Postby The Zinga » Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:41 am

I started playing years ago with some friends whose dad was running campaigns,, thing is i didn''t learn till a few years later that it was just a homebrew,, i have only started playing legit dnd this past year,, and I''m now in 3 real campaigns!! How ever my heart will always lie with my first legit dnd character,, a feisty halfing lombrjack ranger woman by the name of Haytharli Candlehide ^-^

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