Pokemon Elite Four Tournament

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Pokemon Elite Four Tournament

Postby Tara__Tea » Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:59 pm

Roll up those sleeves Pokemon trainers, It’s time for the showdown of a lifetime! For the first time ever, Geekly Con will be hosting an Elite Four Pokemon Tournament! This is no ordinary Elite Four, this team has trained hard to earn their place as the first Elite Four of Geekly Con. If you can beat all of the Elite Four, you’ll have a chance at taking on the Legendary Josketh in glorious battle! Think you got what it takes to battle it out for the title of Pokemon Champion? Then gather your best monsters, train up, and bring it on!
So who are the Elite Four? And Who is our defending Pokemon Champion? Glad you asked. We’re going to give a brief rundown of these larger than life Gym Trainers and get to know them a little better.
Cody Ogilby (@CodyOgilby) - Cody's been catching Mons since gen 1 and is still going strong. His Pokemon pack a punch. Will your team score a critical hit or have no effect?
Dave Rollins (@daverollinsart) - Dave enjoys binding books, binding demons, and binding enemy Pokemon with beardy grace. Having played since the old Red/Blue/Yellow days, he's recently gotten into competitive battles. He may still be learning, but he's no pushover. Think you handle Dave?
Mario Munoz (@beardedpiscator ) - Though new to competitive battles, Mario has the spirit of a true competitor. He won't hold back, so be ready for a knock down, drag out brawl to the finish!
Tara Tea (@tara__tea) - Tara's been crushing dreams and melting hearts since
Gen 1. Her favorite types including heart breaking and face smashing. She loves the eevee evolutions.Don’t be fooled by her cuteness, she’s in it to win it! Proceed with caution.
Josh Bingaman (@josketh) - Josh’s favorite type is Grass. He’s played all the main titles and Pokémon Snap. Soon to play Pokken. He’s been truly competitive battling since Gold and Silver (gen2). He dislikes the anime, but he DID like the Pokémon Origins bit. He twerks down and busts it wide open while he battles. In order to challenge Josh, you must have defeated all previous trainers.

So how do you sign up? First, you can use the Geekly Con Calendar App at http://geeklycon.com/GeeklyCon-Calendar.php Make sure you check Casual or Competitive so you get put into the right tournament. The day of registration everyone will receive a special Pokemon Tournament card that you will need to carry with you throughout the con. When you have defeated an Elite, you will receive a stamp for that section.

We promise to make ourselves as available as possible. If you want to schedule a time be sure to tweet at us @pokepubcast or if you want to battle a specific Elite you can tweet at them individually. The plan is, if you see us in the hall and say “Hey let’s battle!” we can drop everything and battle it out. Assuming we are not running late for another game. Hell, if you see us sight seeing in Portland we might be able to battle you then too. Please be respectful if we do not have time at that particular moment. We will do our best to find another time to have a battle. Please do not interrupt any games currently going. Be respectful to the DM and other players around the table.

For the full set of rules visit our rules post here: http://geeklyinc.com/geekly-con-elite-four-tournament/ Be sure to tune into our podcast, Pokepub Podcast for hot tips and tricks and how to beat us in this tournament!

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