A thought and question about the future of the Podcast

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A thought and question about the future of the Podcast

Postby Blue Beetle » Thu May 21, 2015 11:53 pm


I have been listening to podcast since Season 1. I have also been a semi-regular financial contributor. ( I really think I should become a Patron because I do consume your other properties. If you don't laugh at the Drunks and Dragons Thanksgiving episode, then you don't have a pulse.)

I believe the mountain of evidence is overwhelming that the creators of the show are morally bankrupt. They have clearly gone to the well of exploitation too many times. In every profession, there are moral choices we make. A chef uses safe ingredients, a mechanic makes an honest repair. People in media should and do have moral codes as well. The producers of the show do not. But what about Geekly?

During the last episode, the members of the podcast were all concerned and aghast as they should be. But should Geekly Inc go the route of Mary Sue? At this point, isn't the Cast of Thrones podcast is essentially a tool for producers and you actively are promoting a bad thing..playing right into the hands of those you judge.

I think that Cast of Thrones is your most popular property, so discontinuing it out of protest would be financially dicey, but perhaps it's the right thing to do. Perhaps there is an alternative...

I remember I went to a screening of the film "The Happening." which is a very dumb film. About halfway through, the audience (all strangers) started spontaneously making fun of the film. It was hilarious, people started yelling out random things and it changed from a bad sci-fi film to a weird sort of live theatre. A necessary and fun tonal shift. The audience went from ready-to-walk to completely reengaged. Maybe a shift or a special spoof episode to protest.

I just can't imagine you all firing up your equipment and pretending that everything is okay....especially after the strong statements made in the last episode. I just can't help but to think it's time to acknowledge that you are part of a publicity machine and perhaps this podcast needs a tonal shift or a an absence. Anything less seems hypocritical to me. Is time to literally put your money where you mouth is?

Does anybody else out there think the same thing? Maybe I'm way off. Right or wrong, I'm just offering a perspective.

I love your show and website and I have a huge amount of respect for all of you. I feel that you are all people of integrity and it's the only reason why I even bring this topic up.

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Re: A thought and question about the future of the Podcast

Postby DoubleT » Sun May 24, 2015 7:22 pm

I don't actually watch the show but listen to the podcast for mostly the reason you mentioned and to know how the show differs from the books so I can speek to it when taking to my friends who have only seen the show. I enjoy it when the cast goes after this show's ridiculousness and call them out when the show steps over the line. So in that respect I don't think they are really adding to the publicity machine of the show but giving a voice and perspective as fans of the books.

As far as I know they are not receiving any financial support from the show itself to keep talking about it so I wouldn't call them hypocritical, they are just presenting their opinions about a subject for the audience to consume as they like. I don't feel they've played down their dislike for the portial of certain topics just to placate their audience. If their main audience is "pro" show, I'm sure that audience will move on to a more "pro" show podcast.

Keep calling it how you see it.

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Re: A thought and question about the future of the Podcast

Postby Yoonsanha » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:03 am

I want to learn the story of the site.

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