Valyrian Steel

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Valyrian Steel

Postby trueformunseen » Wed Mar 30, 2016 1:21 am

So here is a crackpot theory for you. Does anyone else think that Valyrian Steel may have had Dragon Glass folded into it when it was made?

I just feel like it would fit as the Valyrian steel was made in Valyria where the Dragons came from originally and dragon glass is found near the volcano's and such. That would explain why the Valyrian steel sword that John Snow used in the last season worked against the White Walkers.

What do you guys think? I know magic was involved but I feel like just using magic to make the sword would not be enough to be able to beat the White Walkers.

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Re: Valyrian Steel

Postby Sugarbolt » Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:34 pm

Could be! It could be dragon glass, or wildfire, or some other fire-element related substance. That would make some sense.

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