Loved this podcast

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Loved this podcast

Postby ThatCityInTexas » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:31 pm

Hey, a friend of mine just recommend this podcast to me after hearing that I listen to Nightvale. I work delivery right now and I binge listened to the entire series in 10 days. Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved every moment. When I got to the end of 44 yesterday and found out that there weren't going to be any more coming, heartbreak!!! I'm still excited to tack down the comic, so I've still got a little more of the universe to enjoy. Just wanted to stop by your forum though and let anyone who worked on this project know that it was incredible, and you're still gaining new fans, and if you ever decide to come back to this universe and create more content, I'm sure there's a ton of us out here that'd support it. Much love.

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