SAYER Conspiracy Theories (SPOILERS)

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SAYER Conspiracy Theories (SPOILERS)

Postby itsmetherogue » Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:56 pm


hello people. I've finally decided to post it here, so, read it at your own risk. Some people might have noticed it aswell. I'm sorry in advance if something gets difficult to understand, I'll try and make it as clear as possible.

I listened to all episodes of SAYER once, but I payed not that much attention, so I decided to listen to all of it again some time ago. So, I notice something really interesting.

Before sharing with the world I shared this with Mr. Zombie Slag (Rob Weeks) and he agreed with me that my theory makes sense. So, here it goes, you have to know two important informations previous:

- Since the beginning SAYER itself has said that as a form of identification he would always say "I am SAYER" whenever he would speak to a resident, so the resident would know it was him.

- In a Q&A, Mr Adam Bash said that whenever he wanted SAYER to sound angry (since he cannot "be" angry) he would lower the pitch of SAYER's voice so he would sound like he meant it.

Well, when I listened to episode 8 (Breath) for the first time I found something was really strange, after all if SAYER is an AI he would not break his own system rules, but if he was doing that then we might have something out of "I, Robot" in the series, and I loved the idea of it. But little I knew I'd love the episode even more when I listened for the second time over, this time, paying careful attention to each time SAYER would say "I am SAYER" in the transmissions.

It happens that in episode 8, exactly the episode "SAYER" threatens the life of the resident so he would get the device, HE NEVER ACTUALLY says his acknowledgement frase "I am SAYER". So, I started to get suspicious right at the beginning of the episode.

By the middle of it, I was almost certain: That was not SAYER. The person speaking through SAYER's internal device was actually a person, and besides the frase, I have some other important reasons: He actually gets pretty mad and nervous when He thinks the resident won't do or won't be able to do what he demands.

Another important reason is: in the beginning of the episode there is a power shortage/cut and SAYER gets "out of air" for a moment. I believe this problem in the power supply was organized by some group of people just so they get into SAYER's implant device on this resident (and others in other towers). During the power cut someone in this group manages to hack the device and get into SAYER's place, and them proceed to give instructions to the resident.

My theory is that the power actually goes out for the entire time of the episode (it comes back at the end) and SAYER stays offline (at least from this resident's device) for that amount of time.

The person who takes on the place of SAYER (I'm calling him FauxSAYER) even have some cards on his sleeve to try and convince the resident and to try and take his mind out of what his is doing: as he might have some information on how Aerolith Dynamics process of admission works He would know that the resident wouldn't have any information or short information about his previous life on earth, and that the real SAYER might have that information, so he starts the episode calling the resident Jack, and saying that if the resident wants he can share all the information he have on his life to him.

I think he does this just to simply make the resident excited about having the possibility of knowing his informations and never realizing he is not talking to the real SAYER. The FauxSAYER could easily fabricate any information, since the resident doesn't know anything anyways.

Another important thing in the end of episode 8 is that FauxSAYER says that the resident can never talk about that to anyone, otherwise He would be bound to kill the resident or make something that would leave him in no conditions to tell anything. When the power comes back, SAYER never speaks about what happened and suggests that the resident goes to the infirmary because he must have fallen when the elevators stopped.

Rob said to me that maybe this attack may be organized by a cult (mentioned before in SAYER and confirmed in a Q&A) called "Under the Stars". Might be, but I have no way of confirming that.

This "problem" in power supply (FauxSAYER taking control) occurs again in episodes 11 (A private Moment) and the beggining of 12 (To Ashes). In 11, the FauxSAYER is so regardless of the resident life that he keeps on saying sarcastic things and calling the resident Jack (when it's SAYER he never calls him Jack).

In 12 I had my suspicious confirmed when the audio keeps changging and SAYER is having his "speech" saying he doesn't feel anger towards any residents, because he can't feel anger. (Again he says something like it on episode 21, that people have anger because they expected different things than happened, while SAYER already knows whats more probable to happen so he would never be angry when the results are as thought).

The final information that made me feel pretty assured this could be validated was when in one of the subsequential episodes (after 12) SAYER says that now everytime he starts a conversation with a resident He will acknowledge as SAYER and say the residents identification number, pinpointing that the resident might also create this in his own head, meaning this is not a flawless system either.

Well, I wrote a lot, but I hope someone will read it to the end and say something! Do you agree to my theories?

ps.: Thanks to all the writers on SAYER: Adam Bash, Ashleigh Shadowbrook, Jonah Gregory and Nika Howard, you guys make my life better. I love being part of this, thanks for using your brilliant minds to give us something to think about. Now I'm off to investigate Ewell and Valentine's.
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Re: SAYER Conspiracy Theories (SPOILERS)

Postby Yoonsanha » Fri Oct 02, 2015 8:03 am

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