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Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:29 pm
by Haniboll77
Not to detract from this stellar podcast <=not sarcasm at all,I love CaF!!, but I heard on the most recent Harmontown that Dan and the gang have hung up Shadowrun, and Dan mentioned that he wanted to jump to CoC.

I suspect the play styles between CaF and the Harmontown gang will be SIGNIFICANTLY different! ;-)

Outstanding podcast guys and gals! I have been listing to learn the narrative style so i can take that to my own Dark Heresy game that I am working on. <=first time GM here. So Veronica's narrative, and how she crafts it and how the PCs react is helping my with my own, a lot. The Q and A sessions help, because I have some events I want to happen to my Acolytes in DH, but I suspect one or two players will spend a lot of time completely derailing me, or rolling crappy and falling off a ladder. ;-)

Keep up the great work! On episode 9 of season 2 now.