A review here, because apple.....spotify....both hate me

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A review here, because apple.....spotify....both hate me

Postby TheRealDakaron » Mon May 14, 2018 8:48 pm

1st, i refuse to install itunes to leave a review, and im too lazy to figure out if that is a necessity. Okay bye.
2nd spotify apparently doesn't have anywhere for me to leave a review. okay bye

3rd im on episode 144 and i absolutely love everything so far i cant see how people are getting through this 8 times in 6 months, this is my first time and im barely here. okay bye.

jayla/aludra scissor dreams now thanks, 9 foot tall jayla, 3.5 foot tall aludra... yea....okay bye.

aliens throw back with the chest bursting....could have only been better if thrifty had busted out with a, "hello my baby, hello my darlin, hello my rag time ga'al" chorus like spaceballs, and tom had said "oh no...not again." okay bye.

started DMing again shortly after listening to the first epi, i wanted to thank you all (even those who are no longer with the cast) for getting my brain engaged again. Okay....Okay....Okay.... Bye. 8)

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