New Drunkeros RP thread

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New Drunkeros RP thread

Postby corpselovergary » Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:49 am

Hey y'all! Corpselovergary here hoping to start up the old tradition of Drunkeros RPing! I copied a lot of the info from the old post to give people a starting point for this one. Just remember: this is a collaborative story. Write a section that you want to add in and lets build it from there.

Tips and character sheet taken directly from McChickinFrenzy's original post found here

1. Be Descriptive!: Few things compare to being part of an interesting story that will draw readers in and excite them about your writing. Avoid posting things such as a single quotation, or a sentence or two. If you need help with this, send me a PM, and I'll be happy to help you hash out the idea you have in your head.

2.Be Friendly!: Avoid making rude comments about people personally under the guise of roleplay. (Wow this guy must be a complete idiot to think that was a good ideaNasty Noxxor thought to himself) Also, most people want their character to be the biggest badass. Nothing sounds as cool as striking fear into your adversaries with extreme force or cunning. Keep in mind that other people are working to develop their own characters as well. This brings me to..

3. No God Modding!: This is a term used to describe taking control of another person's character. This can include, but not limited to
-Auto hitting attacks versus another person. (Its ok under the right circumstances that you say you take a swing at somebody, but leave any kind of connection to the other person)
-Acting for another person (Let the other person decide how they react to even small gestures, they may not want to shake your hand)

4. Separate IC from OOC!: Most of the time OOC (out of character) comments are not needed, but if you feel they help, put them either at the top or the bottom of your post, and separate them with a different color or dashes.

5. Yes and!: Its the best way to have fun in roleplay :D

Now we got the boring stuff out of the way, lets get to Character Creation! All you need to do is make a post with your character sheet before you begin roleplay. If I can get some love from the moderators, then having them posted up at the top of the thread under this would be so lovely. Try to familiarize yourself with the hypertext options at the top of this textbox to make your characters stand out.

Character Sheet Format:

Name: Birth name, alias, call me darkblade!

Race: DnD offers many fun races, take your pick and see where is takes you!

Class: Whether you are a heroic or paragon class, keep in mind that everybody is entitled to a similar level of strength

Weapons: Keep it within the DnD world. Simple 1 shot pistols are fine, as are simple grenades (though dangerous to carry)

Appearance: a/s/l ? C'mon! Here is where you can provide a description of what people notice when looking at you. Be sure to include specific features and clothing typically worn. Paint a picture with letters.

Short Biography: Here you can underline a few things you would like people to know about your character as they are reading about them. You can include where they are from or general mannerisms.

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Re: New Drunkeros RP thread

Postby Girunduu » Wed May 01, 2019 7:36 pm

Is there still interest in picking this up? I’m definitely up for it and will prove it thusly;

Name: Brother Brutha

Race: Goliath

Class: Cleric/Monk

Weapons: Brutha disdains weapons due to the teachings of his obscure religious order. However, he is an extremely capable hand-to-hand combatant.

Appearance: Brutha stands at an impressive 7’6” and is an impenetrable wall of muscle. His skin is battleship grey and his eyes resemble polished onyx. Brother Brutha worships Coldstone the Wrestler, an ancestral Goliath folk hero turned deity. His sect believes that only through competition and trials of physical strength and endurance can a person’s worth be measured and their heroic potential unlocked.

Brother Brutha dresses in brightly coloured leather breeks and knee high white boots. Around his waist is his holy symbol, a wide belt of black leather with golden plates engraved with the deeds of Coldstone set around it. Brutha has not worn a shirt since he was a novice and will only do so now under extreme duress. However, when travelling, Brutha wears a jacket of dire tiger skin with fringed sleeves and a matching wide brimmed hat.

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