Geekly Get Fit: Getting Started

By Matt Ortiz on


Okay, so we’ve got our motivation going.  Maybe you’ve done some research of your own in the past, looking into which workout system you’re going to choose. There are celebrity guides, sports guides, geeky guides, and even ones that say “just 15 minutes a day and you can lose 90 pounds”!  

Well, at least most are not wrong. Almost all workout guides will help with fitness and health goals. Almost every one of those guides will focus on one of three types of exercises: cardio, weight lifting, and interval training (HIIT).

Maybe I should have labeled this post with NSFW, I just used those words…I’ve come to dread some of those words since I struggle with those workouts. I just don’t find them fun and I eventually give up my routines. I always feel like I’ve failed in my goals and I put my workouts on hiatus.  

There is very good science behind doing those types of workouts for exercise. Biking (cardio) will get you fit and lean. It will build muscle and trim fat. Lifting weights will increase your biceps and quads. It will also help you lose weight. Interval training can get you crazy ripped and ready for the beach.

So…if all the science agrees that they’re good for you, what should you do? Well, if you are getting started and working out for your first time or even if it has been a while…you most likely will not be doing cardio like Sonic the Hedgehog, power-lifting like the Hulk, or doing HIIT like Little Mac.

The important thing is to move. All exercises require you to move, and that’s what burns the calories and gets your heart pounding. It’s what will build muscle and get you breathing hard. (By the way did you know that the way you lose the fat from the body is by breathing? The CO2 that you exhale is the metabolized fat escaping your body).  

So if you are just getting started on your journey to become Lara Croft or Nathan Drake, start out doing a few simple movements:

Walk for 15 -30 minutes (go catch some Pokemon!)

Do 10 push-ups (against a wall/counter or even on your knees is fine)

Do 10 squats (go down as far as you can go)

Do a regular plank for 1 minute (if you need to do it in 15s intervals that’s fine)

If you do this three days a week it will help you start to build a workout routine. That is what we are going for. The goal right now is to start moving and if you keep moving (and depending upon how often you workout and what your personal goals are), you can get to power-lifting or running marathons soon.

In the words of the ever fit guru, Richard Simmons: “Number one, like yourself. Number two, you have to eat healthy. And number three, you’ve got to squeeze your buns. That’s my formula.”

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