Geekly Get Fit: Holiday Funk

By Matt Ortiz on



For a lot of us right now you may be in a bit of a funk as the holidays are at their peak. There are family events, late nights, cold weather, warm beds and shopping. At least in the northern hemisphere it seems that everything is out to sabotage you getting to the gym or getting fit.


Personally, I’ve slacked off in my routine of three times a week due to family stress and frankly I don’t want to work out in a sub-freezing garage at 10 pm.


So… what’s the solution. Nothing. Everything. I will say this: you have not failed. You will not fail just because you took a week, two, or three off.


Every time you get up and decide that you will get back on the bike, treadmill, continue pumping iron… you win. You win because you failed and still continued to better yourself. So put another quarter in the arcade, wrap up in a second layer and get some reps in.


With all the stress from the holidays, you owe it to yourself to relieve some tension in some “me” time.


Come December 26th I’m gonna hit my home gym with a more challenging workout routine, I’m going to try to workout six times a week 3 cardio/strength and 3 skill or core based days.

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  1. Great article! Glad I’m not the only one. My tendinitis tends to act up in the winter as well which is another hit especially for crossfit. But you are right. One step back or maybe even a few does not mean you have failed. Get out there and have some fun!!

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