BY ON February 13th, 2017

After a huge and shocking betrayal, the adventurers seek some good ol’ fashioned revenge. With the White Spire (and more specifically Toby’s house) falling around them as they battle with the Jett and his Nareevian allies the stakes have never been higher. To be betrayed by someone you learned to grudgingly trust…who you helped. Who …

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BY ON February 13th, 2017

We complete our trio of reviews on Yuri!!! on Ice! As Yuri Katsuki prepares for the Skating Gran Prix, his relationship with Victor continues to deepen as they arrive in Barcelona. With the pressure of winning inexorably linked in Yuri’s mind with the future of his relationship with his coach and boyfriend, the gold medal …

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BY ON February 13th, 2017

Between the three console video games bearing his name and the assortment of direct to DVD/Blu-Ray DC JUSTICE LEAGUE films he also stars in, the Lego Batman character has become a fixture in my home, available to me or my sons at a moment’s notice. He’s the DC hero of choice almost every time when …

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BY ON February 10th, 2017

Welcome to another Geekly Game Lab! This time Tim cracks open a handful of Overwatch: Year of The Rooster loot boxes. What surprises await? If you’d like to see these live, follow us at http://www.twitch.tv/geeklyinc

BY ON February 9th, 2017

  Cardinal Dussolier makes a huge mistake.  Want the shirt we mentioned on the show, head on over to our store! Your Young Pope Hosts are Tim Lanning, Jennifer Cheek and Ben Gibb. We are thankful for your listenership. If you have any questions or comments going forward tweet at us using the #PopeZone hashtag …

BY ON February 9th, 2017

Black Mirror, created by Charlie Brooker, is a British science fiction anthology that delves into our deep dependence on technology and the unanticipated consequences of it. What happens when your life and livelihood is dependent on how people rank you on social networks? What happens when we can punish people on a psychological level for having …

BY ON February 9th, 2017

New Coventry. A town located somewhere between over there and around about here. A town full of people, places and stories. Depending on who you talk to New Coventry was built on everything from fertile farming land to an ancient burial ground and was founded by pious pilgrims or lizard-headed demons. Whatever the case, New …

BY ON February 8th, 2017

These powerful youths take on yet another challenge – the dreaded slightly awkward party. Plus it is getting real late in the evening and folks’s patience is running a little low. I am sure that won’t cause any issues.  This is a 5e Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in Northwestern Drunkeros and DMed by Tim Lanning. This …

BY ON February 8th, 2017

If you were are/were a fan of Minecraft and other exploratory games in the same vein, Astroneer is very much for you. I had been reading and watching some YouTube videos on the game (Scott Manley and Billy Winn Jr., if you’d like to check them out) and figured I’d like to give it a …

BY ON February 8th, 2017

Ahoy there, matey! Hope you are ready for a tense Quizzich Cup round because things are heating up! This week, the gang discuss how many black students attend Hogwarts, Buckbeak’s pending trial in front of the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, and Harry gets a Firebolt – but who is it from?? The …

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