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Transformation Sequence #102 – Ping Pong The Animation (Part 1)

By Vincent on

We start a rather strange 2-part review of the coming-of-age table tennis anime Ping Pong! Smile is a teen with difficulties expressing and interpreting emotions. Since he was a child he admired his friend Peco, a natural at ping pong. Recently, however, Smile has been even more disconnected, as Peco lets his talent squander. After …

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Transformation Sequence #100 – Yuri!!! on Ice (Part 2)

By Vincent on

Holy Hanabi it’s episode one-freaking-hundred! We celebrate our centenary the only way we know how – oogling anime boys’ butts on ice. Yuri and Victor head towards the Skating Grand Prix as they compete in cups across the world. We meet a cascade of increasingly intriguing skaters, including Christophe “I think I came” Giacometti, Georgi …

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Transformation Sequence #97 – ERASED (Part 2)

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Our Patreon campaign is now live! If you can find it in your hearts to contribute to our coffers we will thank you with a little somethin’ – the $5 a month tier gets access to our special new bonus series of episode-by-episode reviews of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Sign up here:¬† In the mean time, …