To Pledge, or Not To Pledge: Munchkin Shakespeare is on Kickstarter!

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Steve Jackson games have produced many different themes for their Munchkin line of games. From Cthulhu, to Marvel heroes, to even the Wizard of Oz, the faux-RPG card game dedicated deck card game has run delved into just about every fandom under the sun. Now, Jackson and his team set their sights on the Bard himself. That’s right, Munchkin’s going Shakespeare.

From the Kickstarter:

Presenting Munchkin Shakespeare – a Shakespeare-themed version of the classic Munchkin card game!

Shakespeare’s affinity for puns and dramatic betrayal is the perfect complement to this game of monster slaying, punnery, and backstabbing. Et tu, Brute?

For years, fans have requested a Shakespearean Munchkin. Some of them – some of YOU! – even helped brainstorm these puns. Back this project today, and help us crowdfund this crowdsourced effort!

You can find this campaign on Kickstarter, now. With only 23 days left in the campaign, act fast to reserve your copy.

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    • It’s definitely not for everyone, but Munchkin will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my gateway into tabletop RPGs, and I’ve used it to get others into other RPGs as well.

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