True Friendship in The Wrong Mans

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I have a friend who is likely to carry fireworks in his pockets and try to light one inside his shirt because the wind is too strong. He’s a beautiful man that has the charisma of Chris Pratt and the looks of a young Brad Pitt. He’s quick to defend his friends and he’s always up for an adventure. If there was anyone I’d roll deep with, it’s him.

Take that friendship, add an Abbot & Costello duo and dangerous criminals, and you’ve got The Wrong Mans. It’s a cleverly written show about a good deed gone wrong. Sam Pinkett falls into danger after danger while his loyal and overeager friend, Phil Bourne, provides ill-placed, but confident, support. This friendship is the heart of the show. Mathew Baynton (Sam) and James Corden (Phil) are also the creators and writers of the series, successfully weaving comedy in the intricate plot of an action show.

The cinematography is fantastic. There’s always a sense of tension while the camera keeps a close focus on our heroes as much as possible and little else. The framework is crisp and the smooth movement with the careful editing kept me with the momentum of the speedy pace. The music amplifies the environments and feels like a reflection of our hapless heroes’ stress, fear, and curiosity. There’s a sense of mystery that they might not be aware of hinted in the punctuated notes of the office scenes and typical fast paced chase montages.

Honestly, enough couldn’t be said about this show. But any mention at all of the plot might reveal spoilers and surprises. So what are you waiting for? Go watch it now!

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