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The Bapperson Rule dictates that, during the rolls to see who will do the recap, rolling a Nat20 will allow the roller to choose one of the other cast members to do it, rather than doing it themselves, despite being the highest role.

In the event that one person rolls a Nat1 and someone else rolls a Nat20, the 1 is honored above the 20, and that person is still forced to give the recap.

In the event that more than one host rolls either a Nat1 or a Nat20, then they must roll-off as they would any other number on the die, but the victor honors initial role. To put it simply, if two hosts roll a 20, then have a roll-off, the victor of that roll off gets to choose who will do it. For comedic effect, the best person to choose in this case is the person you rolled off against. The Roll-Off rules are that of the regular roll rules, i.e., the higher rolls is the victor of the Roll-Off, and is granted whatever the duplicated roll was initially.

Often, the cast will use the Bapperson Rule to force Dungeon Master Michael DiMauro to do the recap, as he is the only one who is immune from doing it any other week.

Reverse Bapped

A sub-ruling of the Bapperson Rule, sometimes referred to as the "Reverse-Bapperson", dictates that those who roll a Nat1 automatically have to do it, no matter what anyone else rolls, provided it is not a Nat1.


  • Named for a fan of the podcast named Ben Apperson, suggested this rule on Twitter.
  • In this rule's introductory episode, the rule stated that a Natural 1 is honored above a Natural 20, though this is later forgotten about, and sometimes, the 20 is the victor.
  • Tim Lanning is usually the one chosen to do the recap, as he is best at it.
  • The ladies of the podcast, Jennifer and Nika, had a longstanding non-spoken agreement to not pick each other should either of them get the 20, as a kind of "Women gotta stick together" kind of thing. This all changed, however, with Episode 185 - Protege Problems, when Jennifer chose Nika to do it, shattering their assumed agreement. Nika had to wait until Episode 211 - The Quest to Save Tidtowne, Part 3 before she could exact her revenge. Presumably, their agreement still stands. We'll see what happens.
  • In Episode 155 - Mailbagathon!, they are asked by Ben Apperson himself which number is technically the Bapperson, a 1 or a twenty, and which is the reverse. They vote on it, and all but Mike Bachmann say that 1 is the original ruling, Bachmann claims it's 20. He is correct, the others are wrong.
  • In Episode 8 of the Darkblade series, it is suggested that rolling a 19 (as high as you possibly can without geting a 20) should be called "edging"
  • If you see word "Bapped" in the recap section, this is what it is referring to.