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Bones was a the name of a strange card game played by many characters in the Greetings Adventurers podcast. It's predominant form of gameplay was battling monsters that were skeletonized versions of normal monsters. These monsters were, in fact, real monsters that were captured by the user inside of magical devices called Bone Cards. After being captured, the monsters would be under the control of the user, or "Bone Trainer". These trainers would then battle in competitions for prizes, or victory, or whatever.

There was an official championship for the game, which spanned across four different planes: The Elemental Planes of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Each plane featured a Bone Master, and potential Champions would have to battle all four of those Masters (after winning a Gold Bone Coin in some tournament). Doing so would grant access to the Elite Forge, a special room full of treasures and artifacts and riches.


Kids Version

There was an alternate version of the game, played using standard, non-magical cards. This version was played much the same way as the adult version, but without capturing creatures or having them battle. Each card had a drawn image of the bone monster on it, and they would play cards against other cards, and somehow someone won. It's unclear, all we know is that there was no actual fighting in this version. It was a favorite of Skud Derringer's.

Recent Events

A young Skud Derringer was introduced to the game at the Monastery of Uthgar, by Chopper. They bought some cards from Connell, and one day returned to the Monastery to find almost everyone dead at the hands of The Skull Bandits, who nearly killed Skud and Chopper and friends. They were saved by Master Alder, who gave Skud an Gold Bone Coin, which, he later learned, would allow him to challenge the four Masters.

Later, Skud and a new group of friends, The Tower of Grey found themselves on a mission to collect the six pieces of a powerful artifact that could kill gods. One of these pieces was found to be in the Elite Forge, meaning that the team had to play the game and beat the four masters. They were given six blank Bone Cards by Dodge Grabbit, a young trainer, and went to work collecting powerful monsters that they could capture in the cards and use in their battle against the Masters.

Notable Players


Adults Version

Each Player has 6 Cards, but only 3 can be in use at a time. On your turn, you have two (2) actions: Send out a Bone Monster, Bring Back a Bone Monster, or Pump Up a Bone Monster. The Monsters themselves had 1/2 of the total hit points that they normally have, pre-boneification. So, if, for example, Rowan has 100 hp normally, her boneself would have 50hp. Monks that are boneified can still use Ki points. A Monster is "Defeated" when their hit points drop below 0. The Monster does not die, but returns to their card, where they will not be able to participate in the rest of the fight. Any Monsters that aren't on the field gain 10 hp every turn, or can remove 1 status effect.

Each monster has different strengths and weaknesses. Some Stats are good against other, but weak against still others. The Stats are indicated through a small icon in the upper corner. Interestingly, the Stats of Bonecards directly correlate to those of Dungeons and Dragons. Doing the damage type that you are strong in results in double damage, so if you use a Bone Dragon (which is a slashing type), and use a slashing attack, you are granted STAB, which does double damage. What's more, doing a type damage against a type weak to that damage type is also doubled. This doubling stacks, so if you are a type, and use that type move, and against a creature weak to that type, then you do 4x damage!

Types Advantages
Stat Strong Against Weak Against Damage Type
Strength Charisma Intelligence Slashing
Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Piercing
Constitution Wisdom Charisma Bludgeoning
Intelligence Strength Dexterity Necromantic
Wisdom Dexterity Constitution Evocation
Charisma Constitution Strength Enchantment

Kids Version

Not much is known about how the game is played. There were many different styles of cards, each one with a different bone on it, in the shape of a little monster. They could be arranged in "sets", styled after structures of the human body, such as the Skull Set, for example. The were released in packs of 15, which cost 1 silver each. The packs were randomized, and one would have to buy many packs to complete a set.


  • Very heavily modelled after [REDACTED], with the monsters fighting being the anime, while the card game being the card game. You understand
  • Also inspired by Drinks and Daggers, the official card game of Greetings Adventurers. Bridget Connell, who did the art for the game also was a character named Connell in the show, who makes Bone cards, the kids version. You also understand