Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games - Part 1

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Jaela and Aludra during the Winter Solstice
"I single-handedly slaid a dragon, with no help from anybody else!" ~ Rudolph Reindeer's song


Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games - Part 1

We are magically teleported to a time that is more simple and more filled with characters who are not dead. Listen as Lord Titus Harper and a his brave friends attempt to survive the deadly Raw Fury games in hopes to secure the funds needed to restore the kingdom of Pelor’s Hope. While Harper and Bearcharger are magically protected by their “plot armor” many other allies and enemies are not so protected.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Raw Fury Games Location
    • Arena
    • Registration Tent


Long Story

The year is 1703, exactly, to the day, one year after The Battle Above the Abyss and the deaths of Fennekin and Thom Vidalis. It is time for the Raw Fury Games, a once in every four-ish years event that brings all the nations of Drunkeros together in a friendly-ish competition. The winner recieves a prize of 10,000 gold! Anyone can join, but typically, there is a team from each kingdom: one champion, their second man/woman, and one bard. Lord Titus Harper has not yet become king, but he wishes to use the prize money to rebuild his hometown, Pelor's Hope. He enlists Marendithas Bearcharger and a bard named Rudolph Reindeer to join him as the team from Pelor's Hope. Together they approach the large registration tent in front of a giant castle, where the tournament will be held, and enter. It is very crowded, with many people of all shapes and sizes, and origins. Harper thinks he notices Artixus in the crowd, but he vanishes before he can speak with him. Rudolph introduces Harper in song, to little applause (to Bearcharger's disdain). An older man with red hair an mutton chops claps from behind them, and they turn to see Walter Smidge. He pulls Harper and his team away from what he calls the "commoner's registration area", and escorts them to the side entrance. Smidge asks Harper about The Battle Above the Abyss, regarding Thom Vidalis as a great hero. Rudolph claims that Harper is not mentioned in any of the songs commemorating the event. They sign in, and Smidge takes them to their quarters, telling them that the first task will take place later in the evening. Harper asks who else will be competing in the Games, and Smidge responds that Reginald Thornberry, with a dwarf named Kilben Brighthammer and halfling bard named Beauregard Burnham. There's also Cardinal von Gaelen, from Glaine, the Jewel of the East, with Xato and Rockor Bloodletter (a bard who can't hold a tune). There's ALSO Jay Potwell, here with Morn Foambeard, and Toongrok Ironhorn. Smidge leaves them, ordering a keg of beer for the room. Before the next task, Harper stretches and prepares himself, and sends a message to his sister, Adira.

Later that night, Walter Smidge returns to escort the team to the first challenge. He brings them down a long hallway with a portcullis that rises to reveal a large arena, the stadiums full of people, all roaring. They then notice that the arena has many blood splatters and body parts laying around. Smidge encourages Rudolph to perform an introductory song before the fight...

"Harper needed lots of gold,"

"Had a feeling he'd not get old,"

"Exploding (audio distortion) plans of old,"

"Buy himself a kingdom."

"He tried to raise the cash, they say,"

"In any conceivable way,"

"With many a man did Harper lay,"

"Yet all refused to pay."

"Yes, they all refused to pay."

"He felt he was stuck and out of luck"

"An all he tried to plainly suck (?)"

"But at least he learned how to hmm hmm hmm,"

"And all of this is canon!"

"Oh, yeah, yeah, it's canon!"

The audience goes crazy. Soon afterward, another gate opens, and Harper's competitor enters the arena, a huge white dragon! Rudolph tries to play a tune for it, to get it to eat Harper not him, but it doesn't go for all that. Instead, Rudolph attacks it with his rapier. Bearcharger attempts to do some magic, to mixed results. And Harper... Well, Harper runs away, afraid. As he is running, he notices a face in the crowd, the beautiful face of Ashayara Dayne. She imbues him with the courage needed to join back into the fray. He is promptly eaten by the dragon. Rudolph and Bearhcarger (mainly Bearcharger) do massive amounts of damage to the dragon, with Bearcharger dealing the killing blow. Its head is blown clean off, and Harper, still in its mouth, casts Levitate on the head, so that he is not hurt as it crashes to the ground. The crowd goes crazy as the episode ends.


It is time for the Raw Fury Games! Lord Titus Harper enters, along with Marendithas Bearcharger and Rudolph Reindeer. Their first challenge is to defeat a huge white dragon, which, after some dificulty, they do.


  • Harper is trying out a new hairstyle, He has long hair on top, that goes down to a pony-tail, and is shaved on the sides
  • Walter Smidge was last seen in Episode 185 - Protege Problems, as one of Jaela's sacrifices to the Raven Queen
  • Bearcharger carries a calendar around with him at all times, with only one day cirlced, yearly. The anniversary of the Battle Above the Abyss, and the death deaths of Fennekin and Thom Vidalis.
  • Harper sends a message to his sister, Adira Harper, who is, presumably, not missing at this time
  • Harper asks Bearcharger to remind him never to travel with a bard again. Unfortunately for Harper, Bearcharger is dead before they meet the next bard...
  • The Dragon is female, implying that dragons in the Greetings Adventurers world are not gender neutral, as in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones

Quest Log Updates


  • Harper rolls Perception to see who's in the registration tent - 16
    • He sees Artixus

  • They all make WIS saving throws
    • Harper - 7
    • Bearcharger - 16
    • Rudolph - 3
    • Barcharger is good, the others back away in fear

Combat Begins vs the white dragon

Round 1

  • Rudolph
    • First must make a WIS saving throw to see if he is going to run away - 14
      • He is not afraid
    • Melee Attack (Rapier) - 2+8
      • Miss
    • Also, rolls Perception - 19
      • Notices that Bearcharger is making a small earthquake around himself, so he moves out of the way

  • Bearcharger
    • Casts Investiture of Stone, requiring a DC 16 DEX saving throw from Rudolph and the dragon
      • Rudolph - 20, passes
      • Dragon - <16, but uses Legendary Resistance to succeed the saving throw

  • Dragon
    • Breaths Cold Breath at Rudolph and Bearcharger, requiring a DC 19 CON saving throw
      • Bearcharger - 15
        • Fail - 54 damage
      • Rudolph - 13
        • Fail - 54 damage

  • Harper
    • First must make a WIS saving throw to see if he is going to run away - 5
      • Fail - He runs away from the dragon

Round Two

  • Rudolph
    • Seeing Harper run away, Rudolph follows him

  • Bearcharger
    • Casts a Hex on the dragon, meaning he does more damage next time he hits it

  • Dragon
    • Bites, Claws (x2) at Bearcharger - ??, ??, ??
      • Miss, Miss, Hit - 6 slashing damage

  • Harper
    • Is restored to not be afraid by Ashayara Dayne
    • Casts Haste on Rudolph and Bearcharger
    • Then does a Arcana check to see if the dragon has any resistances - 3+6
      • He knows that probably is not resistant to fire, as he saw it breath ice before
    • Casts Fire Bolt at the Dragon - 18
      • Hit - 23 fire damage

Round Three

  • Bearcharger
    • Runs up and melee attacks with his horns (x4) - 15+9, 10+5+4, 18+9, 16+9
      • Hit, Hit, Hit, Hit - 17+23+16+15 damage

  • Dragon
    • Wing Attacks Bearcharger, requiring a DC 19 DEX saving throw - 20
      • Success, he is not attacked
    • It flies to Harper, tries to recharge its breath weapons, and fails
    • Claw, Claw, Bite all at Harper - 24, ??, 30
      • Hit, Hit, ?? - 17+4+13 damage total

  • Harper
    • Is currently in the Dragon's mouth, crawls further in to grab her uvula
    • Casts Shocking Grasp (x2) - 27, Nat20
      • Hit, Hit - 13+26

  • Dragon
    • Tail Whips Bearcharger - 19
      • Miss

Round Four

  • Rudolph
    • Ranges Attacks (Crossbow) (x2) - 21, 26
      • Hit, Hit - 15 damage

  • Bearcharger
    • Headbutts (x2) - 20, 16+9
      • Hit, Hit - 23+21
    • Runs so that the back of the dragon's head is 21 feet from Bearcharger, casts Fireball, recquiring a DC 16 DEX saving throw
      • Dragon - Fails - 24 damage - Kills It
      • Harper - Fails - 24 damage
        • Rolls Concentration - 17 - Succeeds