Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games - Part 2

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"Who's your friend, and why is he swinging his dick around?" ~ The Lady Ashayara Dayne

"Michael, tell me how you're kissing me." ~ Tim Lanning, 2017


Bonus Episode: The Raw Fury Games - Part 2

Harper may be regretting his picks for the Raw Fury Games, but no one can deny that they are somehow getting this whole thing done. If rumors are correct the second half of the games are much more dangerous and there is that Artixis character skulking about. Whatever they do they better do it great so that the beautiful Princess Ashayara Dayne notices them and is impressed in her heart.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


  • Raw Fury Games Location
    • Arena
    • Resting Quarters


Long Story

After the battle with the White Dragon in the Raw Fury Games, Walter Smidge escorts Lord Titus Harper back to his tent to rest, and administers healing potions. Harper asks about the elf lady he saw in the crowd. Smidge reports that she is the Lady Ashayara Dayne, representing the High Elves of Galanthus. He tells Harper that her father, King Dayne will be here soon, but that she was sent ahead, and also that she will be in attendance at the feast tonight. As the group makes their way to the banquet hall, Harper asks Rudolph to include some of Harper's achievements in his songs, instead of making them all about Rudolph himself. Rudolph promises to try.

At the feast, everyone is mingling and idly chatting. There are a few other competing groups, some who still bear the scars of their battles. It seems that everyone had a different fight. Rudolph, already pretty drunk, yells at Ahsayara Dayne that she is hot, and Harper thinks so as well. Another competitor arrives, this is Cardinal von Gaelen, from Glaine, the Jewel of the East, along with Xato and Raeckoth Bloodletter. He compliments Harper on his and his teams fighting style, remarking that he believes the Pelor's Hope team to be his greatest competition. The two noblemen talk about Glaine, and how various towns fared during the recent Demon Apocalypse (not very well). Harper challenges his bard, Raeckoth Bloodletter (who is a drunken orc), to a competition between him and his own bard, Rudolph Reindeer. The loser must drop out of the race. Instead, Gaelen proposes a counter offer, as he knows how bad his bard is. They will wrestle, instead. Harper once again casts Haste on Rudolph, and he is able to make short work of the orc.

After this little spat, Ashayara Dayne approaches Harper, and the two meet for the first time. Harper is immediately infatuated. He asks if she helped him out during the battle earlier, and she winks and slyly denies it. They agree to see each other later, and go their separate ways. Harper meets a few more teams, including Darrin Calor (seemingly no relation to Footpad Calor), a small gnome named Timber, and a human bard named Lloyd Loomis, an albino. They all then go off to their respective bedrooms and get a full night's rest.

The next morning, Harper and his team are greeted by Walter Smidge, who tells them the next task, a bit of an obstacle course, is about to begin. He also thinks that the "Great Dayne", Ashayara Dayne's kingly father will be here for this. They are escorted, with armed guard for some reason, to the next arena area. There seems to be an obstacle course before them. The first area looks very icy, and they are told by Smidge that all they need to do is get to the end and ring a bell. He then has Rudolph play an introductory song...

"You might be small and narcissistic,"

"But please don't let that stop you."

"Because you're also masochistic,"

"So, you can take the pain."

"You'll probably lose, I'll tell it straight."

"Like, there's just not that much to you."

"Yes, you can fly and shoot some lightning,"

"But that's so last century."

"One day you'll die, you know this, son."

"But if you're lucky you'll be with friends."

"And if fortune really shines on you,"

"You'll die while inside one of them."

"So, go out and fight! Fight because"

"This is not your time to go."

"That won't happen this time around,"

"Because this is an extra episode!"

Just the, the Great Dayne arrives, and everyone cheers as he enters his box. They notice Artixus enter the box behind him. Smidge encourages the Pelor's Hope team to begin the obstacle course. They enter, and it is immediatly freezing cold. Bearcharger grabs the others to keep them warm, and pulls them into the next area, that of intense heat. Harper Blinks out of existence and blinks back in at the lever that will turn off the heat. He does that, and they all get through to the next area. This one is billowing with hurricane force winds, and Rudolph inspires the others to push through, to the next section. There are boulders falling all around them! Bearcharger shields the others from their falling and together, they make it to the end, and see the bell that they are meant to ring. Bearcharger rings it, and they win the challenge! The crowd goes crazy, and Harper looks toward the box that Ashayara Dayne is in. Suddenly, a cloud of darkness forms around it. Harper points this out to the others, who don't seem all that concerned about it, tbh. Harper casts Fly on Bearcharger, and jumps on his back with Rudolph. Together, they fly into the cloud. It is very difficult to see through, but suddenly, a mysterious red glowing light appears before them, seeming to emanate from Rudolph Reindeer's nose! As they exit the cloud, they see Artixus dragging two hooded and bound figures out the back exit. These are the Daynes, both Great and Ashayara. Harper commands him to stop, and the two meet once again, as old rivals. Artixus asks about his other friends, and hostile words are exchanged. The fight begins!

It doesn't last long, however, as Harper (and really, that's it) is able to deal massive amounts of damage to him. Before he is killed, Artixus once again escapes, claiming that they'll see him again. Harper frees the Great Dayne, but Ashayara Dayne jumps on Harper, and the two kiss passionately.


The next task in the Raw Fury Games is an obstacle course, but first, there is a multiple course meal! (winks) Harper meets Ashayara Dayne for the first time. The next morning, they start the second task, and the team from Pelor's Hope makes short work of the obstacle course. That's when Harper notices his old enemy Artixus attempting to kidnap the Daynes. He and his allies fly in and defeat Artixus, who escapes. Lady Ashayara Dayne and Lord Titus Harper begin kissing passionately.


  • Bachmann jokes that Rudolph Reindeer and Rolen Twentais would "get along famously". They later do meet each other
  • Bearcharger is a fan of Jett Razor, and has several posters of the bard up in his room
  • Bearcharger has no hands, only hooves on all four of his limbs
  • Artixus promises that they will see him agian. None of these characters ever meet Artixus again, as two of them die before he appears again (he has not yet appeared again)

Quest Log Updates


  • Harper' rolls to regally eat some ice cream - 20
    • He does great

  • Rudolph rolls to go for the crotch during his wrestling match - 19
    • He does that

  • Everyone rolls Perception
    • Harper - 13
    • Rudolph - 17
    • Bearcharger - 6+0
      • Harper and Rudolph notice Artixus enter the box

Skill Challenge/Obstacle Course begins

  • Initiative
    • Rudolph - Nat20
    • Bearcharger - 18
    • Harper - 10

Round One

  • Rudolph
    • He casts Dimension Door to get them to the end of the room - 6+8
      • Failure - He is too cold to cast it (0 Successes, 1 Failure)

  • Bearcharger
    • Uses STR to hug the others and warm them up - 18
      • Success - (1 Success, 1 Failure)

  • Harper
    • Casts Blink to get to the lever that will turn off the flames - 18
      • Success - (2 Successes, 1 Failure)

Round Two

  • Rudolph
    • Uses [ Inspiring Word] to convince his allies to persevere through the storm - 19+8
      • Success - (3 Successes, 1 Failure)

  • Bearcharger
    • Uses Athletics to catch the boulders as they fall - 17+5
      • Success - (4 Successes, 1 Failure)

Skill Challenge end

Combat Begins vs Artixus

  • Initiative
    • Harper - Nat20+3
    • Rudolph - 22
    • Bearcharger - 13

Round One

  • Harper
    • Casts Disintegrate on Artixus, requiring a DC 17 DEX saving throw - 3
      • Fail - 69 force damage
    • Casts Acid Splash requiring same - <17
      • Fail - 11 damage

  • Rudolph

  • Bearcharger
    • Casts Hold Monster requiring a DC 16 WIS saving throw - 18
      • Success

  • Artixus
    • Casts Chain Lightning on Rudolph, requiring DEX saving throws
      • Harper - 8
        • Failure - 23 damage
      • Rudolph - 19+4
      • Success - 23 damage
      • Bearcharger - 11
        • Failure - 47 damage

Round Two

  • Harper
    • Casts Scorching Ray at 5th level - 14, 25, 18, 23, Nat1
      • Miss, Hit, Hit, Hit, Miss - 27 damage - kills him

Combat Ends