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(Tim Lanning)
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human?
Class: Barbarian
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Died defending Sun Shields in the Siege of Pelor's Hope
Affiliations: Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 271 - The Finality of Our Proving
Last Episode: Episode 271 - The Finality of Our Proving
MISC Info: Deep, booming voice

7 1/2 ft tall

Looked like a shirtless Thor

We've never seen him and Large Reggie in the same room together...

Brawlgus was a bodyguard of Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane, as well as Jaela, along with Chilli Manilli. He had previously been a member of a roaming Snow-piercer clan that was conquered by the Wyrmsbanes under Aludra's rule, (which doesn't sound like her), which she did with strength. He died defending the Sun Shields of Pelor's Hope during it's siege in the year 1716.