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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric
Status: Deceased (assumed)
Cause of Death:
Monastery raided by The Skull Bandits
Affiliations: The Monastery of Uthgar


Appearances: First Episode: Episode 329 - Welcome to the Temple of Uthgar
Last Episode: Episode 330 - Some Ends are Beginnings
MISC Info: Short, Red hair

Stubbly, Red beard

Chopper was a young cleric in the service of Uthgar in the Monastery of Uthgar in Ssathra. She was in training to become a full cleric (once she reached the age of 18), under the command of The Old Master. She was friends with Vespertillian and Tater Tot, and helped them train Skud Derringer when he eventually joined the Monastery.

Most notably, she was very much into the card game, Bones, and taught Skud everything he needed to know about the game, including taking him to buy his very first set of cards from Connell.

She was not seen after The Skull Bandits invaded the Monastery. It is presumed that she was killed.