Conteza Treacletart

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Conteza Treacletart
Alias(es): Mother
Race: Gnome
Class: Mother
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: House Treacletart
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 203 - A Night in the Gnome Quarter
Last Episode: Episode 232 - A Slight Gravitational Problem
MISC Info: N/A

Conteza Treacletart was the mother of Toby Treacletart. She lived in a two-story, middle class home in the Gnome Quarter of Glaine, the Jewel of the East. The first floor was a confectionery called The Treacletart Store. She had a very calming, welcoming, and motherly attitude even when presented with flesh golems and spider robots as guests in her home. She offered a traditional gnome dinner to those she welcomed, which was of course all kinds of sweet and candy such as peppermints, spaghetti with maple syrup and pop-tarts on top.