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Location: Within Wyrmsbane Keep
Contains: Wyrmsbane Keep

Oakback Keep

Ruler: House Wyrmsbane
Notable Occupants: Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane




The Chum Guzzler (& crew)

Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Affiliations: House Wyrmsbane
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 156 - Life Goes On
Last Episode: Episode 253 - Tower of Grey
MISC Info: First mentioned in Episode 86

Deephome was the name given to a series of connected mines that ran underneath the Razortooth Mountains in the northeast section of Drunkeros. It was notable for housing several ancient and powerful Dwarven households, most famously Wyrmsbane Keep, the ancestral home of the Wyrmsbane family.


Recent Events

Deephome (specifically, Wyrmsbane Keep) was the origin of founding and long-time Ätlän-tã Fælcons member Aludra Wyrmsbane. She ran away from home after being engaged to be married to Baldur Oakback, eldest son of another powerful family, the Oakbacks. This forced engagement, along with Aludra's (presumably unexplored) bisexuality1, are what drove her to flee from home and begin a life of adventure and heroism.

Deephome was not seen on "screen" until after the Five Year Gap, where Aludra was living in Wyrmsbane Keep following her adventures. She was betrothed, once again, to Baldur Oakback, which she was still not happy about. She was living there with her son Bucky, who was also not happy about the arrangement. Similarly unhappy, was Jaela, who had been in a relationship with Aludra before they broke up. She had heard about the wedding, and went to the King of Pelor's Hope, Titus Harper, former adventuring partner of both Jaela and Aludra, to get her to the wedding. She, Harper, Jett Razor, and Nyx all traveled there for the wedding. Jaela and Aludra reconvened, but, while they both still had feelings for each other, could not rekindle their relationship. That is, until Baldur was killed by a Nareevian! Everyone thought that either Aludra, Jaela, or both had killed him. This allowed Aludra to go on another adventure to find this killer, along with Jaela and all the rest. Along their journey, the two fell back in love with each other, and all was right with the world.

The War of Wyrmsbane Keep

After they left and had some adventures, the party realized that they had left behind Bucky, and they also learned that there was a Dwarven Civil War brewing between the various houses of Dwarves living throughout Deephome. The main spark of this was the death of Baldur, which the Oakbacks blamed on the Wyrmsbanes, Aludra in particular. Deciding they couldn't leave Bucky in the middle of this war, the party returned, only to find that the fighting had already started. Begun, The War of Wyrmsbane Keep had. Aludra and co. fought valiantly, staving off many Oakbacks and various other Dwarven houses. After enough damage had been done, and Aludra stood victorious atop a defeated Oakback dreadnought, there, from the edges of the battlefield, approached a conglomerate of several armies, each of different powerful Dwarven families: The Houses Coppertone, Stevenson, Ironbeard, and Stoneborn. Only the first two were loyal to the Wyrmsbanes, but all of them came together to express their distain for the Oakbacks, in regards to the marketplace and mining, especially. The four houses knelt before her, and called her the Queen of the Dwarves, if she would help them stop the Oakback threat. She agreed to end the war.

That night, there was a celebration. Jett Razor created a Magnificent Mansion, and invited a bunch of the Dwarves into it. Inside was full of servants created specifically to serve everyone, which, horiffically enough, constituted jerking everyone off. Who knows how this changed relations in the Dwarven world.

The next morning, Aludra and her friends traveled to Oakback Keep. Some of the Wyrmsbane force went ahead, to surround the fortress. Riding atop a giant komodo dragon, the newly crowned Queen Aludra Wyrmsbane marched to Oakback Keep. There, they found Bucky, being held by Thorack Oakback. Thorack's demands were that Aludra and co. leave Deephome and never return. If they did, he would return Bucky to them. Aludra refused, and commanded Jett, A changeling, to slime his way into Oakback Keep. This proved to be a viable option, and soon, Jett was close enough to Polymorph on a guard, turning him into a pug. Using this distraction, the others were able to rush the stage and rescue Bucky. Oakback surrendered, preferring defeat over death.

The decision was made to use a Zone of Truth and have some peace negotiations. Thorack and Aludra, along with several others, met there to discuss the future of Deephome, and the relationship of the great houses. Aludra and Jaela were able to convince the leader that they were not responsible for Baldur's death, and Thorack acquiesced. Having a bit of ruling experience, Harper suggested, and Aludra agreed to, the creation of a Council of Six Hammers, which would combine the power of the great houses, and issue decrees and commands. It would be made up of Aludra's father (Alloryn), Thorack Oakback, a Coppertone, an Ironbeard, a Stevenson, and a Stoneborn, with Harper himself offering a representative of his home of Pelor's Hope, Storag Ironfist (brother to Thoregg Ironfist), as an advisor. Also, there would be taxes placed on the Oakbacks as repercussions for their crimes. The negotiation over, Harper and Aludra agreed to set up a teleportation network connecting Pelor's Hope with Deephome. Also, Harper would provide some temporary armed forces to protect against the mysterious Nareevian threat. And with that, The War of Wyrmsbane Keep was ended.


Aludra and co. left Deephome to find Longcryer, who had tortured Harper and killed his loved ones. Unfortunately, things didn't go exactly as planned, and Harper died. His wife, Queen Ashayara Dayne, now queen of Pelor's Hope, blamed Aludra and the others for his death, as well as breaking their promise to save her homeland of Galanthus. She contacted Deephome, and demanded Aludra be turned in to stand trial. Deephome refused, and kicked Storag Ironfist off of the Council of Six Hammers. They also sent an armed force to Pelor's Hope to surround the city, as a means of protecting Aludra.

During their investigation into the death of Baldur, Aludra and co. discovered that he was killed by a man from Nareev, a floating city that was going to crash on Glaine, the Jewel of the East. In order to stop this threat, they needed the combined assistance of all the major cities, so they traveled via White Spire to Pelor's Hope, where they were promptly arrested by Ashayara Dayne and made to stand trail. During this trial, they were able to convince Ashayara Dayne and all of Pelor's Hope that they were not to be blamed for Harper's death, and that there was a much greater threat that they should all be concerned about. She agreed to help them, and Aludra pledged Deephome's support in helping to save Glaine.

Away from Deephome, they were able to solve that whole issue. Also, Jett Razor turned out to be the main Nareevian behind the whole Nareev situation!

After saving the world (again) Aludra returned to Deephome (again) to get married (again), although this time, it was to Jaela, and not another Dwarf she didn't love. First, Jaela went on a mission to kill a lich, Sinu the Red. She returned, and proposed to Aludra! There was a merry celebration that took place in Wyrmsbane Keep, which saw the appearance of many characters large and small from the show's history, including a brief return of the ghost of Titus Harper, who had some kind words for Jaela.

The 1709 Raw Fury Games took place in Deephome. The Team from the White Spire won, consisting of Toby Treacletart, Lex, Rolen Twentais, and Rudolph Reindeer.

During the Seven Year Gap, Aludra and Jaela, living as Dwarf and Wife, lived their lives in peace, ruling Deephome with grace and dignity, while sneaking out for some adventures on the side. Aludra found herself occasionally troubled with strange dreams of Bucky in danger.

When Pelor's Hope found itself under attack from an army of dragons and Dragonborn, Ashayara Dayne called on Deephome for help, which they provided, eventually being successful in beating back the draconic forces.

Later, the same army, revealed to be The Army of Tiamat, attacked Deephome, and Aludra fought alongside Jaela, Steve Meloncamp and the army of Tidtowne, Old Man Weck, Ros and the Sun Shields of Pelor's Hope, Luccan and Nyx and the Wood Elves of New Newfoundland Land, Rose Underhill and her army of goblins, and many other allies. They were doing well in fending off the bad guys, before Tiamat herself entered the battlefield...


  • Deephome gains its namesake from another mining colony from World of Warcraft. Michael DiMauro is so clever!
  • A list of the known Dwarven families of Deephome:
    • House Coppertone
    • House Ironbeard
    • House Oakback
    • House Stevenson
    • House Stoneborn
    • House Wyrmsbane
  • Does NOT have a White Spire