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Privacy Statement We Made Ourselves Because Lawyers Are Really Quite Expensive

Doggo Incognito

Nothing personal. We do honestly love you, but you're not interesting to the point that we would cyberstalk your across the Internet.

If that's your thing, there are plenty of social media platforms owned by billionaires-on-paper who are plenty happy to collect a complete trail of your movements, clicks, dirt on you, and/or skeletons in your closet that law enforcement can request in order to use it against you in some future case they're still cheerily building.

Oooh. That got dark. Sorry for that. Truly.

Website Privacy Statement

If you browse the GeeklyInc wiki and associated sites, we gather no more information than is typically collected in an annual physical examination of a major bodily orifice.

If you contribute to the GeeklyInc wiki, you are publishing every word you post publicly. You should assume that anything you write will be retained forever after being heavily modified in highly embarrassing ways, but still attributed solely to you. This includes articles, comments, forum posts, user profile pages, and other static pages or user-generated content on the site.

Genuine Privacy Policy We Might Have Placed At The Top Of This Page To Save You Time And Anguish

But then where's the fun in that?