Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Firefly in Fate Episode 3

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The travelling wild west show Molly Moses' Frontier Jamboree got invited to a mining planet on the outer rim, Cambria, for a gig that will pay twice the normal pay, lodging included. After two weeks of travelling, they arrived and were greeted by the mayor's assistant, Arlin Walker. They walked for an incredibly long time to McWhiskey's where they drank mojitos. Molly was challenged to a duel by Siris Webb, who looks like Sam Elliot but ran away after Molly shot his gun hand. Vera collected some bets, though not before accidentally convincing a man to not bet against Molly.

After the duel, the group made their way to the mayor's mansion. Grittle noticed that there aren't any young ones running around and asked Arlin why that is, to which he replied that the mayor provides a babysitting service for the minors, educating and watching over the children. Something seemed suspicious, but the group couldn't get any additional information. They arrived at the mansion, which looked similar to a plantation house and had peacocks walking around the front yard. Arlin showed them their rooms and left them to prepare for their reception. Once they were in their separate rooms, Grittle noticed a camera in his while admiring the fanciness. He disabled it sneakily, told the other two, and disabled the cameras in their rooms as well. Thad got a big boner when he was complimented by the girls.

The episode ends with Molly asking Thad to leave her room but asking Vera to stay. The story continues in Episode 4!