Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Firefly in Fate Episode 4

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The episode begins from where it left off in the previous episode, cameras disabled in the trios' rooms. Molly, Vera, and Thad attended their reception and met Malcolm Cinder, the birthday boy, who gave Thad some special gold dust, aka drugs. Malcolm attempted to slip the drug to Molly by way of flower smelling, since he has a thing for her, but Molly insisted that Thad sniff the flower for her. Thad spent the rest of the night high on gold dust.

After the reception, the three went back to Thad's room and decided to all stay in one room due to their distrust, especially Vera's, of their hosts. They discussed the source of the drugs and the question of where the children are. Are the two connected? Perhaps the drugs are ground up children. . . Then they were attacked that night by three of the orangest dudes they've seen. Thad hit one with the washing basin, knocking him unconscious, Molly shot out a guy's kneecaps, and Vera tackled the last for questioning. They discovered that these were miners who were forced to work for the Mayor who has their children. The episode ends with guards running into the room because they heard the gunshot. The guards discovered the tampered cameras and fixed them, also cleaning up the blood.

The story continues in the next episode.

"Sometimes you just got to shoot someone's knees out." - Sarah Tompkins