Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Firefly in Fate Episode 5

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This episode starts off with the gang in Molly's room, Thad still high on dust. Thad heard a frog symphony out the window, and the women convinced him that they need to go out the window to find the symphony. After leaving through the window, they walked up to the front gate of the fence and approached the guards. Vera told them that the gang needs to go get some necessary props from their ship, and the guards there agreed to let them out so long as they have an escort. Vera then convinced one of the guards to be their escort. They stopped by McWhiskey's, and Vera asked a hooker to help their guard with his loneliness. Once they dropped their escort, they left McWhiskey's and began harassing - I mean, asking - people on the streets about the mine. They decided to go to the mine in their buggy from their ship. For some reason, they thought that it might turn into an adventure if Thad drove, and so Thad accidentally crashed into a tree. After he fixed it, a group of torch bearing individuals approached them and demanded the buggy. The group talked out of their trouble and discovered the secret of the mines: the mines do not contain copper or gold but rather mushrooms. The miners are forced to "mine" the mushrooms, the dust of which causes them to die after a year's constant exposure.

The episode ends with the group convincing their potential assailants to join them in a rebellion against the mayor. The adventure concludes in the next episode.

"Wow, didn't even have to kill him. That's nice!" - Sarah Tompkins