Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Firefly in Fate Episode 6

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The gang convinced the bandits that tried to steal their buggy in the previous episode to gather an army of sorts and create a distraction during the show the next day. They then went back to town, found a mother of three, and convinced her to also gather the mothers to assault the camp where the children are held. They went back to McWhiskey's just in time to pick up their escort and went back to the manor.

The next day, they had their big show. Thad noticed one of the scenes was not quite right and so fixed it using his craft skill. Vera found a member of the audience who dreamed of holding a political office, even though the city didn't hold elections, and convinced him that the way to that goal lay with leading a revolution against the mayor and to meet with a mob at a specific time. Molly shot off the hats of many people, thrilling the crowd. And then the mayor's manor exploded.

The trio ran to the 'saulty moms' location, near the camp, and saw that there were five guards still in the way to the children. Molly attacked first, shooting one right in between the eyes. Combat ensued, resulting in four dead guards, one hog-tied, and a badly wounded Vera. In the fight, a guard shot Vera in the thigh, shattering the bone, and so she couldn't walk for a long time. After the battle, Thad poured some dust into the wound, turning Vera into a super monster, but not before she had a fine night with Polly the hooker. Thad and Molly play cards.

The episode ends with the group discussing their opinion about the Fate System.

This concludes the Firefly in Fate series.

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