Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Shadowrun 2

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The gang discuss their options for character creation and Tondi gives them some tips for what is important for which types of characters. Character creation does not actually occur in this episode, but if you're curious about maybe running your own Shadowrun campaign or playing Shadowrun, these first two episodes may give you a good introduction to how to play it. Or it might make you reconsider playing at all. Shadowrun Episode 3 begins the actually campaign. The Drunks do not go into detail about character creation, which they do between Episode 2 and 3, but the Dice Heroes have an episode on it for those interested in running their own campaign.


Some of these may be taken out of context, but that's because taking things out of context makes things even more funny sometimes.

  • "I'm going to go get chlamydia from a koala." - Tim Lanning
  • "Yeah, and like Tondi said, though, if your robot bunny rabbit explodes, you're gonna be like blaahgh! You're gonna be forcefully ejaculated." - Tim Lanning

Tondi: "I. . . I don't remember saying that. . ."