Eleanor Morningfall

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Eleanor Morningfall
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Nareevian
Class: Fighter?
Status: Presumed dead - (You hear that, Michael? There's still a chance she could come back)
Cause of Death:
Jett Razor mind controlled her to ride her horse off the side of Nareev
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 218 - A Poorly Named Movement
Last Episode: Episode 230 - Shrine Time
MISC Info: She was pretty cool, I thought

Eleanor Morningfall was a Nareevian, a wanted fugitive, and a prominent member of the Birther Movement, who assisted the Ätlän-tã Fælcons in stopping Jett Razor from destroying Drunkeros. She was killed by Jett after he used a magical lute to control her mind, and force her to ride her horse off the edge of the floating city.