The Elemental Plane of Earth

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Elemental Plane of Earth
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Location: The Multiverse
Contains: Jörldin
Ruler: N/A
Notable Occupants: The Man of Sorrow
Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 372 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Earth
Last Episode: Episode 379 - Welcome to Venduria
MISC Info:

The Elemental Plane of Earth was a one of the four elemental planes of The Multiverse. It was made out of mostly dirt and rocks, though there was a "tourist section" with dusty, musty air for people to breath. This region boasted many hotels to stay at.

Recent Events

The Tower of Grey travelled here during their quest to defeat the four Bones Champions. This was their second stop, on their way to defeat the dreaded Man of Sorrow.