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Elysium was a plane of existence that was ruled over by Pelor. The Tower of Grey travelled here in their search for Prince Thom Harper, guided by Melora, and The Orb.


Recent Events

While searching for Lahnik "Lahni" Caplain's brother Lannie, The Tower of Grey met Skud Derringer in the Monastery of Uthgar, where he gave them The Orb as thanks for slaying his undead former master1. After investigating the orb, the party determines that it shows key locations in various planes. After searching for Prince Thom Harper in The Feywild, and freeing the Queen of Spring Melora, she told them that Prince Thom could be found in Elysium, prompting them to go there2.

Upon their arrival at The Last Respite, the party found the city under attack, and were invited into the city by a creature leading the counter atop the walls, who had the head of a bear3

Notable Occupants


  • The Orb also showed another area in Elysium: rolling hills and a flowing, beautiful stream. It is currently unknown what the significance of this location is.